Friday 28 August 2009

Down By The Danube River

Early Morning Light
Alte Donau
Old Danube
22nd District
August 2008


The Danube river waters
pass through Vienna in
four river beds.
From West to East, they are called:
The Danube Channel
The Danube,
The New Danube, and
The Old Danube.
Of course, there's also the river Wien.
Lots of water and many bridges.

For a map of Vienna
with its many waterways,
click on the first picture.
The other pictures will reveal
more images of the Danube river

Photographs and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Just love all the different moods you captured in the River's water. Beautiful photos.

  2. that first pic is amazing, Merisi - thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous. I'm ready to go for a boat ride now.

  4. So beautiful and peaceful -- and the photos behind the first photo -- that startling blue flower -- the black-eyed susans -- wonderful!

  5. Hello Merisi,

    The shimmering Danube that you've shown us have given me such a feeling of calm.

    One of your prior posts that featured views of the city from a hilltop revealed that Vienna is a real city, and includes some perhaps less beautiful features, yet features that a city needs. I was happy to see that wide view, knowing that every day you are able to find within it such gems to show us.

    I thank you yet again. xo

  6. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.
    I would love to enlarge my pictures and show them someplace....haven't a clue where and need a small bank-roll to do it....

  7. That's absolutely lovely. It sure makes me want to visit.

  8. So much water! I had not realized that about Vienna. I clicked and went to the map.

    Early morning light on water is always magical...and that last shot of the glasses evokes the caress of fresh, fragrant and cool morning air upon my skin!

  9. Love the 1st photo! :)

  10. The slant of light is elegaic and
    whispers of summer's end!

  11. Danube is one of the things that makes Vienna such a perfect city!

  12. As always, you make me travel . It seems I am near by you ...Wonderful pictures

  13. Beautiful pictures. I like the glass picture, but all of them are wonderful.

    I also have a weakness for roses and loved those pictures too.

  14. Looks like a lovely, cool morning. Coolness, ahhhh.......if only it was so in my part of the world....

  15. Very beautiful indeed, the first picture is like an Impressionist painting.

  16. The photos look like they are floating..... I would love to float aong!

    I have a walk along my river Nidelven in my blog today.

  17. I gasped at that last photo, I don't know why. The light, perhaps, and I love glass. Beautiful Vienna through your eyes.

  18. As always, amazing photos!

  19. Nice blog,go through and enjoy


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