Monday 24 August 2009

Coffee, Anyone?

Caffè Macchiato
Espresso with a
cloud of milk foam

Restaurante Español
Apfelgasse 1
4th District

© Merisi
August 2009


  1. Hi Merisi~
    It's been about an hour now since all of our students left from their first day of school.....we didn't lose anybody and only one child cried today :D If I were in Vienna, I'd be calling you RIGHT NOW to go get a cup of coffee with me.....would love to sit at a sidewalk cafe, watch the evening unfold, and chat about something OTHER than school!! Thanks for you kind email this meant more than you'll ever know :D


  2. Lovely to see you again Merisi. Hope you are enjoying this late-summer-nearly-turning-into-autumn time of year.


  3. More great windows -- beautiful!

  4. It's difficult to resist such an invitation, but it is time to go to sleep for me, so I'll accept it tomorrow morning. Have a great day!

  5. ALLIE,
    I would love to have a cup of coffee with you - for the company and also because the weather right now is so gorgeous, that luminous light of late August is so clear and sweet and still so full of promises!

    I find it so hard finding time to visit all those beautiful blogs I love to read - most of the time it is either or: Either blog myself or ...

    I am enjoying these late August day to the fullest!

    I happened upon this beautiful place by chance: I wanted to stop at the tea shop next door on my way home, but alas, it is now closed and so I had to comfort myself with coffee (I should apply for a grant at the Ministry of Coffee - all those risks I take in search of a good cup of Java!).

  6. Are those red apples in the background (that seem to echo the motif on the coffee cup) also for sale?

  7. P.S. or do they echo the name of the street, perchance?

  8. SIMONA,
    carissima, sogni d'oro per te e ci vediamo la mattina con una tazza di caffè fresca!

    Dear readers,
    Simona's blog "Briciole" is a wonderful destination for lovers of Italian food and ways of life, whether living in the Good Old USA, as she does now, or anywhere else in the world, offering great recipes to teaching Italian in a most ingenious way ("The words and expressions of my blog are small fragments I let fall to entice you to follow me, a peripatetic food story-teller").
    Here is the link! Enjoy! :-)

    I did not ask about the apples, but they sure looked at me enticingly while I sipped my coffee! ;-)

    I goggled, and yes, manzana is spanish for apple:
    man·za·na (thanks to Yahoo dictionary)
    botany apple
    (cuadra) block (of buildings)
    (de espada) pommel

    The street's name, Apfelgasse, also refers to apples!

    I hadn't even reflected about all these connections and connotations! Thank you! :-)

  10. Your site is always a treat to behold!

  11. Thank you, Jacinta! :-)

  12. Ah, a great coffee shot! While I sip at my own I'm going to see what I've missed while writing like a fiend.


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