Thursday 16 July 2009

Red and the City

Even on the Shady Side of the Street
Life can be so sweet!

Photographed by Merisi
on July 4, 2009
Theater in der Josefstadt, Burggasse,
Strozzigasse and Ulrichs-Platz
7th and 8th District


  1. Hi,
    danke für Dein Kommentar. Ist schon witzig wie Du bei mir gelandet bist...und jetzt brauch ich erst mal etwas Zeit um Deinen Blog in Ruhe anzuschauen.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. sigh...summer in vienna. so lovely.

  3. Ah! my morning stroll through Vienna . . . thank you, Merisi!

  4. I loved your idea of picking a color and then taking pictures to that theme.

  5. What a great them to organize your photos around. That city is intoxicatingly beautiful.

  6. Merisi, I have been having a fine summertime catching up on your recent posts.

    The little pitcher with the dahlias is sublime!

    Those evening cherries are definitely very sweet. You are inspiring me to get to a farmers' greenmarket today ... or tomorrow.

    And today's red city shots are quite amusing to my eye. Particularly the lady in the white balloon-hemmed dress.

    Thank you for your artistry and wit!


  7. .

    Thank you all for your kind comments! :-)

    it happened the other way round:
    I shot the pictures while running errands. Looking through them this morning, trying to find some theme for a post, the reds were clamouring to be picked. This sort of thing happens regularly, even on days when I think I have a theme ready. I start grouping them together and all of a sudden I have a completely different theme when I click on the publish button! ;-)

    Thank you, SANDY,
    yes, Vienna has so many faces, and so many of them are intoxincatingly beautiful. I only wished I had more time to try to capture it with more care!

    you are not the first one to go and get some cherries after reading that poem! I received notice that someone beyond the sea went out this morning, bought a pound of cherries to take pictures and then they were all gone before the camera had a chance to get a glance at them! ;-)

  8. What a wonderful color theme! I "heart" every photo!

  9. An intersting study in red.

  10. Oh lovely, red is so vivid, speaks so dramatically - a lovely study in red, as Charles says.

  11. I love it when you do color themes and city photos for your posts! <3 Is the young lady in the white dress with a black belt wearing a black band around her head? That's an interesting fashion statement. :D
    Happy Thursday, Merisi....

  12. Red is so precious to me - it is oh-so-much-more than a mere "favorite color". So I am, of course, delighted to the core when you center on it. You have treated it with such a delicate hand. I "heart" this post!

  13. Ah-nothing like a little red to spruce things up--a breath of fresh air!

  14. the last pic is a little treasure! Also, I notice that dresses right now in Europe are short? You know we're always behind here:)

  15. Do I hear a violin? Beautiful place to live. May I hope on your tour bus?

  16. I've always wanted to visit Ireland but due to you, I'm leaning towards Vienna now! :)

  17. Darling post, love the fashion!

  18. Gotta love it! :)))
    Lovely photo essay..
    the pictures say it all.

  19. Every. single. frame is beautiful!

  20. Think my favourite had to be the white, paint splattered table heading the row of duller ones. What a great story without words that told. But all the pictures were as toothsome as ever...

  21. Love the concept of red used here! Enjoying your pictures, as always.

  22. Hi
    Greetings from Coimbatore,India. This is my first visit.I was enthralled by a breathtaking collection of photographs.Simply awesome, so beautiful.Also gives me an insight about Vienna - a city which has such a great history. The great Metternich played such a big role in Europe's politics & brought Austria to a leadership role in the early 19th century.
    Have a great day. Ram

  23. Red makes a wonderful photo topic! And the fashions you have shown us with those two ladies remind me of the 60's again. I like the blue dress best. Very pretty (way too sort for me now, but once upon a time....)

  24. One never knows where they will see a bit of red. Well done, Merisi.


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