Tuesday 14 July 2009

Midsummer Heat

Midsummer Days
Looking for shade

An Escape
from scorching heat

Where to?
I did not dare ask!

Heisse Wurst
Hot Dog?
No, thanks!

A Swing?
In cool shade?
Why not!

A Cool Drink?
Yes, please!

Dinner al fresco?
Who'd say no?

And now?
It is yours
to dream!


Vienna in July
Merisi 2009


  1. Merisi, love the shaded doorways and shadows...and the cool calming white is a treat. <3

  2. Merisi thank you so much for the summer light in my dark winter night.

    Love the swing.

  3. I want to walk through the arch and past the turquoise door . . .

  4. .

    Thank you, Cynthia! :-)

    Sarah Lulu,
    we feed off each other, depending on the season, don't we? ;-)
    May there be many sunny days until summer returns to your side of the globe!

    Vicki Lane,
    this door takes you here and here! ;-)
    The last three images have also been taken at this place.
    It is a dream of a place and like many dream places, unfortunately ... well, I'd say, go there for coffee! ;-)

  5. Thank you for the suggestion, so dream I shall...

  6. FYI:
    I received a mail, enquiring how I accomplished to bring out the statue with the lighter surface in the back. No, none of those magic photowhatsever out there (my computer won't support them!), just patience: I stood there quietly until that whisper of a cloud was exactly where I needed it. Thanks, Saint Peter! :-)

  7. Wow. I love how you take us where ever you go. It's so fun.

  8. Merisi....I always feel like I've gone to somewhere exotic, remote,
    palacial,romantic,heavenly,serene, oh you get my drift,I always feel at total peace after a visit with you! xoxo thanks!

  9. That green door looks like an opening into a secret garden.

  10. So delightfully tranquil.

  11. Finaly some nice weather at your pace :-)
    I am so happy for you.

  12. Another very enjoyable post, Merisi.

  13. The place with the swing...enchanting! With a cool breeze and a big bowl of ice cream nearby, perfect. And where is the hot dog person? Off to get some ice maybe.

    I hope the weather there is not too uncomfortable. At least it gives one a good reason to indulge in some ice cream. I better get some today. I can't stop thinking about it. (It's hot here, too.)

    I love the tranquility in your photos. A visit here is like a quick walk through a beautiful garden.

  14. How'd I miss this? So gorgeous. These white heavy blooms are delicious.

  15. I absolutely love that turquoise door. It just screams summer to me.

  16. Merisi, a wonderful walk through the city to see the sights.

  17. Heisse Wurst?
    oh danke!!!
    how do you say YUM in German..?


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