Friday 10 July 2009

Midsummer Afternoon
Viennese Countryside Escapes

Taking Refuge
from the white glare
of a midsummer afternoon's heat

Under the Cherry Tree
Anya Ranevskaya?
Picking only the ripest, juiciest, sweetest cherries,
all the while remaining in the shadows

Watching Vegetables
intermingling with flowers,
straining to follow
their whispered conversations

A Thief at the Gates?
Winged Sandals?
You don't care,
the scorching heat
has dulled you into a languid state of mind.

into the trees,
you dream of the world beyond
the visible horizon


Photographs and Text
by Merisi
Hausruck Region
Upper Austria
July 2008



  1. Shhhhh ... this is a repost,
    I hope you do not mind.

    These are images of the kind of summer we do not have this year, but I am dreaming of!

    Greetings from the Danube swamps
    (are we still in Vienna or already drifting down the Amazon?),

  2. The pictures seem so amazingly out of focus - who knows why, not me!
    I cannot look up the originals anymore because the hard-drive they were stored on will not let me access them anymore. Yes, drats, but I am healthy and alive, ready to take new pictures (one of these days, not right now, work's looking - drats again!).

    A wonderful weekend to all of you!
    And, please, do save your pictures at least twice!!! :-)

  3. P.S.:
    Work's not looking at me (or is it?), but looming! Not that I would know which is worse. ;-)

  4. Ahhhh, take me there! Sure looks idyllic. My bags are packed.

  5. Hey, that cockeral looks good'n'fat'n'ready for the table! Maybe that is the work that is looking/looming at you?

  6. Wonderful weekend to you too. These are gorgeous images. I will have to let my mind wander here for a while.

  7. What beautiful photographs, especially the rooster.

    I love the architecture, it reminds me of past holidays in the Alps.

  8. What a marvelous house. I plan to own something like this one day.

  9. repost or not...beautiful captures none the less. thank you for stopping by my beach blues post. i love the southern california coastline and spent many wonderful days there growing up. and, i miss it very much.

  10. I just love the countryside.

  11. Wonderful .. old or not they are wonderful

  12. Fine looking rooster! And what charming gardens. The last shot -- the horizon through the trees is enchanting!

  13. Rooster is so beautiful !! Great location full of greenery !!Unseen Rajasthan

  14. Love your pictures, even a rerun. Your words are like a musical score. They sing and play across the page and into my mind.
    I am in the process of burning my pictures to CDs and also transferring them to an external harddrive. Its a tedious process but I don't want to loos my memories.

  15. Repost or not. This is beautiful!

    It is raining cats and dogs here today. No garden photographs.

  16. Ciaoo! grazie per avermi fatto visita...e complimenti per il tuo blog è veramente bello, foto stupende!!! tornerò a trovarti ciao Pippi

  17. No, I do not mind a repost with pictures such as these.;)

    Hope the summer that you wish is with you soon. The second picture of The Cherry Orchard in a field of milk parsley (I think that is what it is) is my fav! Happy weekend.

  18. Beautiful pictures! I have all my images only on the hard disk (library) of the computer, but of course it's much better to save them on a Cd or Dvd. I hope after the save they keep their original definition!! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Wonderful, so SUMMER! You cavil at your photos, the reason they seem unfamiliar is that your skill has outgrown them.

  20. As I hadn't seen it the first time, I thoroughly enjoyed it - however it did solidify my plans to come visit you!

  21. Here I thought you had escaped to the country for some time away. Well you did, even if it was some time ago.


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