Wednesday 15 July 2009

High Noon at St.-Ulrichs-Platz

Galerie Imago

Café Nepomuk
Coffee with baroque façades in
a beautiful tranquil square
full of history.

Aren't these red painted
metal outdoor chairs
a nice change from the familiar green ones?
They belong to a pub whose name,
"Morgenstern" - *Morning Star* -
is not an indication for an early opening hour,
but for it's closing time: 2 a.m.!

High Noon!
The pub opens in
only six more hours!

And this is the view
the gentleman above is enjoying:
Everybody but him has taken
refuge in a cool spot,
on this Saturday, July 4th!

Only the reflection
in the old shop windows
offer some entertainment.

Entrance to what?
This could be a ghost town
in the Wild West!
Fred Zinnemann could have staged
"High Noon" here -
no one but the lonely guy above
would have noticed.

Photographed by Merisi
July 4th, 2009


  1. What a charming looking man (from the back)... shame there is no photo of him from the front. You can feel the clean heat in these photos.

    Merisi, what can you tell me about Klagenfurt? We're thinking of travelling there this summer.

  2. I am way to timid to even think about capturing this nice looking fellow from the front, David!

    I left a message for a friend of mine a few moments ago, enquiring about her experience of Klagenfurt. I have seen way too little of Austria yet, you make me almost want to travel there right now!

  3. I want to be there! Sipping a capp and getting ready to shop!

  4. A lovely series as always. I love the reflection in the window and well.. Mr. Morning Star himself. ;)

  5. The red chairs are delightful, as are the turquoise umbrellas in front of the lovely pink building!

  6. Everywhere is deserted, is everyone on holiday?

  7. It is a veritable ghost town, isnt it .. I guess that man was very confused .. perhaps his clock is off ...

  8. Great view and shots.

  9. Considering that a morgenstern was also a medieval blunt weapon, one could also guess that if you dwell there for too long (and drink accordingly) you might wake up with a nasty headache the day after...

  10. Oh dear, Spacedlaw,
    I shall tread carefully, should I ever be in that neighbourhood past midnight! ;-)

    sort of!
    Many Viennese leave town for the weekend, especially during the summer months. Some areas really seem deserted at noon, but they come to life once the sun goes down! And there are some crazy souls like me who enjoy the vast emptiness of the deserted city! I am looking forward to August when practically everybody has left town, even those poor haunted tourists who have to walk under the hot sun during July. I really feel for them.

  11. Love the red chairs, the reflections and the lines and angles in each shot. Lovely artistry Merisi.

  12. I love your blog (both photos and copy), and have probably said before. Nonetheless it bears repeating. Having attended school on Salmannsdorfer Straße on the edge of the Vienna Woods, your photos take me back to my youth in that fair city. And yes, the red chairs are a nice change from their standard green. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  13. ambience...


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