Wednesday 17 June 2009

Sunset at Prince Eugene's Belvedere

Sunset at Belvedere
Looking toward east,
through the gate leading to the gardens
to the south of the Upper Belvedere Palace.

The setting sun
illuminates the façades and roofs
of the eastside of the Third District.

Horses and Sphinxes
in front of the Rococo palace's
south façade.

Gate leading to
the menagerie gardens
to the east of the upper palace.

View from the north side
of the Upper Belvedere:
Looking north-east,
beyond the walled Belvedere gardens,
the cupola of the Baroque Salesianerinnenkirche -
the Salesian Church of the Visitation of Mary -
rises against the evening sky.

Looking north,
greets St. Stephen's Cathedral, with its Gothic south tower
marking the center of the city since the Middle Ages.

Beyond the inner city
lie the hills and vineyards of the 19th District.

Photographed by Merisi
in the evening hours of
June 9th, 2009,
at the Upper Belvedere.


  1. Gorgeous evening tones you have captured there!

  2. Wow...a sight like that leaves me speechless...

  3. Anonymous18 June, 2009

    What a wonderful place to wander with a camera!

  4. Ahh! A perfect parfait of pastel through that open gate!

  5. Gorgeous! We are counting down the days!

  6. A beautiful, ornate, light and frothy, and and yet tasteful palace in stark contrast to the summer palace in Beijing I have on my My World post which is from the 1750's, roughly the same time.

  7. Utterly fantastical, Merisi! As usual, you've done a magnificent job!

    There's probably a message here, such as if you're presented with a gate and you fail to open it, you may miss out on some of the most beautiful things in life!

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  9. sunsets look very alluring but they are very depressing. ( end of the day)
    but nice photos

  10. you were absolutely right: it is amazing!

  11. Sometimes I wonder if you live in a world made of marzipan and spun sugar. :-)

  12. I want to be there now!!!

  13. Hello Merisi,

    How lovely to be tempted by those cafes' silver trays, to see the beautiful palace, the hovering moon against the blue sky, and to watch the pink, then lavender twilight glow just past those welcoming gates.

    Thank you again for letting us experience what your magnificent eye recognizes all around you.


  14. Pure bliss!!! As always a true treat for my eyes and heart!!! Dearest Merisi, I shall miss you very, very much while I am away (don't be surprised if I "haunt" your site...)!! But I will return as soon as I can, and we will sit down for a long visit in one of Vienna's most beautiful bistros!!! Sending my love, and best wishes to you, my friend!! God bless you as well!!!! ~Janine XO

  15. Oh the light in these photos is exquisite!

  16. Wow.
    Your pictures always make me feel like I'm there.
    Thank you.

  17. you make the city beautiful. When I look at your pics I can see why some folks love cities. I've always hated them myself, but maybe I was too quick to judge.

  18. So wonderful and atmospheric. I have never captured those marvellous soft tones in my little camera.

    I love that view right across the city to Kahlenberg.
    So delightful !

  19. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I wished I could answer each and every single one individually, but sleep is calling (and kids who have the funniest - not! - ideas as midnight nears about what mothers could do for them!) and an early morning call awaits me.
    Goodnight from Vienna! :-)

    I am still using my little camera -
    all the images I captured since about the first week of May have been taken with my Panasonic Lumix. I highly recommend it.

  20. That golden rosy colour is incredible.. such lovely sights.


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