Friday 5 June 2009

A Little Night Music Under Painted Skies

Baroque Marian Column
Pilgrimage Church of Maria Hietzing
Empress Maria Theresa's favorite church
Next to the westgate of Schönbrunn Park

The moon rising
in the southeast.

View from inside Schönbrunn Park
towards the western entrance
to the gardens.

The steeple of Maria Hietzing
stands guard beyond the western end
of the gardens.

A dark mass of clouds
lifts just enough to expose
a red evening sky.

The western façade of Schönbrunn Palace
glows in reddish-golden sunset light.

To the east,
a herd of clouds
wearing a dash of pink.

The western sky
wrapped in red afterglow
and dramatic grey cloud formations.

South Façade
Schönbrunn Palace

The Vienna Philharmonic's
Summer Night's Concert 2009

under Daniel Barenboim
is about to begin!


Photographed by Merisi
June 4, 2009


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  1. These MUST be the most beautiful skies in the world tonight!!!! Lovely! Thank you for using your wonderful talent to bring them to us! ~Janine XO

  2. Cloud gazing taken to a whole new level. Gorgeous! A sumptuous way to end the week.

  3. Amazing sky pictures! Especially the rose-touched ones!

  4. these are a stunning set of captures. each and every one is just awesome. i have no favorite as they are all my favorites.

  5. gorgeous skies! great job. I love the warm sunlit glow on the building.

  6. Beautiful consistent theme.

    How do you do it?
    You have the eye!
    -- Cip

  7. A true symphonic sunset. Lovely Merisi.

  8. Anonymous06 June, 2009

    These clouds do like they are right out of an oil painting!

  9. Merisi, we just watched the convert on TV!!! It was so lovely to see all the people walking home through the park, there was still just enough light to see a bit of colour. Somehow the concert was even nicer knowing you were there.

  10. Thank you all for the kind comments!

    Arija -
    that is so exciting, you actually watched the concert on TV?

    You will have seen scenes of Vienna too, like Stadtpark and Heiligenstadt, where Beethoven lived - among other places in Vienna. I took pictures in Heiligenstadt this past week (see the window post), but have more in store. The time to publish all I got is so limited! ;-)

  11. Oh, you have captured that evening stratocumulus so well, and the atmosphere of the evening. I can almost imagine the anticipation and excitement of the start of the concert!

  12. Breathtaking!
    We've actually be having some "weather" here in SoCal and have beautiful clouds, not just fog! So I have been busy with my camera. Your shots are truly enviable Merisi.

  13. Splendid sequence, Merisi!
    Really charming skies, and
    it's so nice the façade of Schönbrunn Palace in the sunset light.

  14. A harmonious symphony of colours.

  15. What beautiful skies !

    I really like the composition of your photos and the sequence..

    Great shots !

  16. such wonderful light!


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