Friday 1 May 2009

Viennese Escapes: Where the Cider Grows

Through the Garden Gate
Wrought iron gate leading
into Seitenstetten Monastery's
Baroque kitchen garden

Flowering Pear Tree
Somewhere in the hills around

The Hills are Alive
with row after row of pear trees,
source of the region's famous cider.

descending after a hazy
summer-like Sunday in spring.

Courtyard Fountain
A water's lullaby
perfectly atuned to the region's
spring colours.
Seitenstetten Monastery

The Mostviertel's picturesque hills
lie less than an hour's drive
west of Vienna,
mostly south of the Danube river,
in Lower Austria.

Most: Hard Cider

Photographed by Merisi
on Sunday,
April 26, 2009


  1. Oh how absolutely lovely!

  2. I have no idea how you lived elsewhere. And when are the pears harvested and the cider made?

  3. Such beautiful photographs, as always! Each one is a treat!

    Happy First of May to you!

  4. Thank you, LORI LYNN! :-)

    Rome and Washington DC were not bad either! ;-)

    thank you, Betty,
    a Happy First of May to you too!

    Austrians are celebrating labor day today, a holiday. We had a late lunch, and we shall take a walk around town now, to catch some of the festivities going on outside today.

  5. HEXE,
    the pears are harvested in the fall and then pressed.

    I plan to publish another post about the cider valley, and its interesting history. Until the 17th century, wine was grown in the region, a cashcrop for the farmers there. When the climate grew cooler (Europe entered a sort of ice age back then), the farmers were robbed of their cash source. Empress Maria Theresa (1740 to 1780) ordered millions of pear treas planted in the region, laying the foundation for the region's wealth in the centuries to come.

  6. Divine. I wish I was there! Thank you for your thoughts on my last pieces btw!

  7. wow, beautiful...I love the picture of the gate especially!

  8. Always learning new things when I come "visit" your site. When we were in Vienna, I became fascinated with Empress Maria Theresa. She was quite a woman.

    On another note.....would LOVE to have that garden gate! I've got a "thing" for wrought iron. :D

    Happy May Day!

  9. I've never had pear cider, but the trees are so beautiful the cider must be delicious! The photos are as always, breathtaking!

  10. I love pear cider and juice.
    What beautiful, peaceful slopes! Your photo of the fountain is so alive I can almost hear the drops!

  11. That pear tree is at such an angle it looks as if it could be uprooted with the slightest breeze! Amazing. And that gate is magical. Lovely photos. I particularly love the final water shot.

  12. Merisi, all the patterns of land or colour in your last few posts are staggeringly have such an eye! I can only aspire!!

  13. Oh that gate, oh those trees, oh that green, oh that water! Spring has sprung. What beautiful photos! The things you see on a daily basis are just mind boggling. You are a treasure...thanks for showing us too!

  14. Mmmmm, pear cider--I'd love to come and do a taste test between the Viennese version, Canadian and British varieties. Such gorgeous scenery you captured so beautifully!

  15. Fabulous shades of green. I particularly love the green hills of Seitenstetten.

  16. I love all the greens in these pictures!


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