Thursday 28 May 2009

Viennese Escapes: Manor Farm at Schloss Hof

Only an hour's drive from Vienna,
Baroque architect Lucas von Hildebrandt's
magnificent palace for Prince Eugene of Savoya
would well be worth a visit on its own,
but there is so much more to enjoy!

Baroque gardens beckon with great vistas into
the Lower Austria countryside and
a large Manor Farm - composed of beautiful buildings
and its own extensive gardens, orchards and meadows -
sits next to the palace on the fertile land of the Marchfeld.

Prince Eugene's Orangerie,
one of the largest and most innovative
when it was built at the end of the first quarter of the 18th Century,
has been recently restored and is open to visitors again.

The beloved Prince Eugene of Savoy -
one of Austria's greatest heroes and a lover of the arts -
provided unlimited funding
to architect von Hildebrandt's genius.

A feeling of grandezza of spirit and devotion to the arts
surrounds even these utilitarian buildings.

An espaliered grapevine
holding onto a trellis,
the wooden lattice
and its shadows
play at painting their own image.

A wooden bench
offering shade and a view
of the pond and the Orangerie below.

Linden and potted trees
lining the path to the riding stables,
immersed in their own introspective game.

A fig tree,
leaves caressing the manor building,
offers shade to the visitor
who for too long has been out
under the unrelenting Marchfeld sun.


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Photographed by Merisi
Sunday, May 17, 2009
More images
to come! :-)


  1. Dear readers:
    Links to more of my images of Schloss Hof will open when you click on the first 3 or 4 pictures of this post.

    I must confess I simply love that place, every little bit of it, from the grandeur of the palace to the manor farm's herb garden. My pictures do not justice to its beauty, they are mere snapshots, taken on the way to a luncheon with friends there at the manor's restaurant (see "Why the Dearth of Monday poems?" post for images of that occasion).

    I dream of returning there soon, to take more pictures (some people crave oxygen, I crave taking pictures *g*).

    I would also like to thank you for your generous comments on the previous posts. Today is one of those days where it was either commenting or posting, I chose the later for now, but will come back to your comments, I promise!

    May it be a wonderful day for all of you! :-)

  2. Thank you for this delicious post! You make everything appear to come alive!

    I love the little puff of cotton-wool cumulus at the top!

  3. A truly delightful rather lighthearted place yet so well stage managed. Hope you go back soon.

  4. So many palaces, so little time :) Hope you have a lovely day too!

  5. Merisi...the place is breath taking! I can see why you love it! Thank you for letting me see it too!

  6. Lovely place. Lovely day. Thanks for taking me there.


  7. Anonymous28 May, 2009

    I am going to have to raid my Funk and Wagnell for superlatives 'cos I think I have used up my store on you nice Merisi.

  8. Oh this lonely cloud in the deep blue sky on your first pic!!!
    best wishes of wondeerful day to you to!

  9. that lone grape vine is just amazing.

  10. Merisi, I hope you can return at Schloss Hof very soon and take many many photographs. Meanwhile I've very much enjoyed this beautiful sequence of images and I'm looking forward to seeing the ones of tomorow's post!

  11. What a devine place Merisi. I would want to come back and visit too. When I thouht farm, this is not what I pictured. magnificient.
    Don't worry, wheather you comment or not, I still come to see what you have posted. Love visiting Vienna through your eyes.

  12. Wandring Star,
    you are welcome, my pleasure! :-)
    Love the "cotton-wool cloud"!

    I agree wholeheartedly, one can but feel lighthearted in this magic place in this splendid countryside.

  13. Beautiful skies and I also enjoyed the tour of the Manor Farm. What a fantastic place and an interesting post.

  14. Hexe,
    after more than three years of diligent wandering, I have only begun to see the peak of them!

    Carol @ TheWritersPorch & Paz,
    I am grateful I can share it with you all! :-)

  15. Fantastic post, gorgeous shots and fascinating information! Doesn't get any better than that, Merisi!

    I really enjoy visiting your blog.

    Happy SWF! And have a great weekend!

  16. .

    yes, I agree!
    Welcome! :-)

    you make me blush!
    (She says, and blows a kiss.)

    oh yes, it was a day of blue skies and lonely clouds (among other posts, the poppies I encountered along my way that same day and more to come!).

  17. .
    Charles Gramlich,
    that was one of my favorite images that day! :-)

    mille grazie -
    you inspired me to put together today's post despite having others ready to go! ;-)

  18. .
    I am more than grateful for the generosity of friends like you -
    without your support I may have ceased publishing the blog long ago.

  19. Merisi ... someday I am coming to visit this amazing place you live!

  20. beautiful! never been there, but I translated huge material about it! it's a must visit on my list!

  21. So bright, so gorgeous, so clean! And I swear your skies are much bluer than ours.

  22. What a lovely place! I could spend hours strolling the grounds there.

    I know what you mean about posting or commenting. Do whatever you have time for. I love reading your comments, but otherwise I'm perfectly happy revisiting the wonderful places you take us to.

  23. Oh, to be able to grow fig trees! Beautiful photos and under such a brilliant blue sky.(I just ordered a Tamron 18-200mm lens after trying it out at a friend's).

  24. A sheer delight to virtually wander round your images. Craving photos to take, I understand

  25. What a beautiful place, you captured it perfectly.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  26. It's a dream place. It's so beautiful and looks well made, no expense spared.

    It's no wonder you would love to return. Thanks for sharing this.

  27. How blue is the sky there nicE shots send me some figs XXX Don

  28. Beautiful! I love the reflection of the trees in the water!

  29. It's such a gorgeous spot that I can easily understand why you love it.

  30. The pond is exquisite, and the reflections of the trees in it - the builder must have been a mathematical genius! I can see why you love this place so much! thank you for sharing:)

  31. gorgeous captures...always enjoy visiting with you.
    one day i will visit the beautiful countryside of Austria. my Uncle that i visit in Italy is from Austria.
    have a lovely weekend.

  32. I really enjoyed your post. I feel like I was taken on a tour of a grand place. Beautiful photos.

  33. These photos are like abstract paintings, in a way. All are works of art. You are so talented. I am always delighted to visit your blog.

  34. One of the best gifts to photographers is a good sky to serve as a backdrop to architecture. These are just wonderful, Merisi. Thanks again for lovely photos.

  35. Wonderful photos that seem to tell their own story.

    I've been immersed in the day job which limited my visits to my favourite blogs. But now I have some time for myself and will be back more regularly.

  36. I adore the Orangerie! We have one small Calamondin tree which winters over in the little homemade greenhouse. I believe I'll start referring to it as an orangerie ;-)

    And don't worry about answering my comments -- just keep blogging!

  37. What a beautiful place to visit...

    Wonderful photos and thank you so much for the information... it was very interesting !

  38. The crisp blue sky sets off these wonderful pictures so well. I want an Orangerie . . . but perhaps on a slightly smaller scale? :)

    Where are you from, Merisi?

  39. Love that line of linden trees and potted plants. This place does look like it must be fabulous. How lovely.

  40. Hi
    Lovely! It's always so nice to stop in & see what you are doing. I love the previous post on windows as well.
    Hope you are enjoying spring.

  41. Aaaaaahhh......thank you for taking me along with you on your visit. Each picture is another reason why I just LOVE Austria!

    Happy Friday!

  42. I like your series of photos. I am so excited to visit Vienna in September and your photos add to the excitement. thanks for sharing.

  43. Your love of the place really shows in both your prose and your photos.

    Beautiful. :)

  44. Beautiful architecture, and lovely blue skies. Great photo collection.

  45. Your love for this place shows.
    I can breathe the fresh clear air
    Serenity now.


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