Sunday 3 May 2009

In the Emperor's Garden on an Evening in May

Pink tree peonies,
fading fast,
a princess tree in lavender splendor,
monuments to Emperor Francis Joseph
and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
and visitors in quiet contemplation
photographed by Merisi
in the Emperor's Garden
on the first evening of May.


  1. 10 posts since I was here last.
    And I love them all!!

    Is that first photo a tree peony too?
    It's just exquisite.

    I loved the post about the pear trees and the wine country.

    I know I sound like a sycophant, but I am sincere when I say again, how beautifully you capture a feeling and illustrate a subject.
    It's a gift!

  2. What a beautiful shot - actually shots. I adore peonies and those look gorgeous, xv.

  3. What a beautiful place to sit and reflect on the day.
    Happy Sunday, Merisi!


  4. interesting contrast between the harshness of the granite statues in some photos and the softness of the living blooms in others.

  5. I love peonies...Wish mine were blooming...lovely photos, once again!!

  6. Beautiful flowers and statues...I wonder about Austria now--is it really this uncommonly beautiful, or is it that we are seeing it this way through your eyes?
    I have really enjoyed talking to you, Merisi...happy blogging!

  7. I really like statues.

    Beautiful pictures.

  8. Merisi, you make Vienna look like the most beautiful city in the world!

  9. freefalling,
    thank you, you are very generous! :-)
    All the pictures are of tree peonies. They all huddle in a large cluster, paying homage to Mozart who looks down on them, pleased. ;-)

    vicki archer,
    their blossoms fade away too fast, they always do, don't they?

    you walk through there, on the way from the opera house to the rose garden.

    Charles Gramlich,
    but both reflect the evening light beautifully.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    I have never seen as many different kinds of peonies as here in Vienna. Tree peonies are among the first to bloom, other peonies bloom late in May.

    I think of Austria as a very beautiful country, wherever I go.
    I wished I had more time to capture it all. I can only offer you glimpses of what I encounter.

    I wonder if anyone has ever counted all the statues here in Vienna, there must be thousands.

    thank you!
    According to the newest Mercer Quality of Living Survey is Vienna the city with the world's best quality of living. I guess its beauty must be part of the pleasure of living well here.

  10. Tree peonies ... I have never seen them in a real garden and so thank you for this close up.

    And ... in the prior post, those pastel macarons are bliss. Lucky that I do know a place near my shop where a true French baker prepares these delicacies daily. Perhaps I will go visit his shop tomorrow.

    Happy spring!

  11. Anonymous04 May, 2009

    Lovely spring scenes!


  12. Oh, my gosh, your photos just get more and more poetic. The light is fantastic - like a film.

  13. Frances,
    there are a few more tree peony images on my blog. Clicking here and then scrolling down will lead you there, at least to a few of them, because the search engine is not too reliable.
    Good luck hunting for macarons! :-)

    thank you!
    I am vicariously living New York Spring through your blog - and Frances' and Elizabeth's - and I am loving it! :-)

    The Wanderers' Daughter,
    thank you! :-)
    I am so lucky that Vienna offers so many great sights even while doing mondane things like running errands and the like, otherwise I would have a hard time keeping up blogging.

  14. I like the contemplative moods you have captured in the Emperor's Garden.

  15. Wonderful to catch up on your beautiful posts after returning from holiday!

  16. I love Peonies--just the right setting for the Mozart statue!

  17. peonies are one of my favorites, and do you know we don't have one in our garden!? What's wrong with us! These are beautiful, Merisi. Love that statue with the ?wisteria,? too.

  18. Thank you so much for those additional peonies. They are so beautiful, it is hard to imagine that all those petals are held inside the original bud.

    The tree peonies were new to me, but I have long loved the "non-tree" versions ... they make wonderful subjects for watercolors.

    Best wishes, Merisi! xo


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