Saturday 30 June 2012

Breakfast in Paradise
Farmers Market on Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning
You were busy filling your wicker basket
with delicacies from the Farmers' Market
while the breakfast fairies at Café Noi
steeled themselves for the onslaught
of hungry early morning market aficionados.

The Outdoor Tables
will be quickly occopied
by the lucky early birds.
will have to content themselves
with a table inside.

Thou Shalt Not
covet thy neighbour's
bowl of green tea,
nor his caffè Melange!

Do Not Covet
his Kalamata olives,
nor his chickpea dip!

Do Not Covet
thy neighbour's soft-boiled egg,
nor his caffè latte!

Fill Your Heart with Wonder
instead, about the beauty of the flowers
your neighbour is so freely
sharing with you!

Thank the Gods
for the perfection to which
the cook has fried your eggs!

Marvel about the Hand
that brewed your espresso macchiato,
and the waitress' magic way
to put it in front of you
just so -
art in motion.

Photographed by Merisi
on the sunny morning
of Saturday, April 25, 2009,
at Café Noi,
Peyergasse 12,
where heavenly breakfasts
are being served every Saturday
starting at 9am,
right next to the Farmers' Market.

Clicking on the images
will take you to various interpretations
of Mozart's "Komm, lieber Mai und mache!" -
Oh, come dear May ...


  1. Your words, your photos...beautiful poetry, and music for my soul! Thanks for making life so beautiful!

  2. How delicious!
    HoW I would love to pop on a plane to visit you!

  3. These were photographed on my birthday! Is the Farmers Market open all week or just on Saturday? A market must certainly be added to the growing list :)

  4. I'm afraid I will have to see a priest to say my confession: I covet most of that! LOL!

    Love the flieder in the post below too!

  5. It is all mostly magical - the photos, your sentiments and interpretations...

    I'm certainly glad you stopped by The Villages Daily Photo!

    I shall be back here...inspiring!

  6. There's just something magical about eating somehow makes the food and drink taste even better. I wish we had more of that here. Your photos make me long to return to Vienna.

    Hugs from Dallas,

  7. Very clever!
    Love it.

  8. Merisi thank you for this lovely tour and for coming by my Porch for a tour! I'll be back!

  9. What lovely pictures! There was one of a tree peony on a previous post that almost made my heart stop!

    Thanks for visiting my North Carolina blog -- I'll be back (virtually) to your beautiful Vienna soon!

  10. That is one fabulous story. Your pictures are great, as usual, but the narrative is even better.

  11. Sniffles and Smiles,
    thank you! :-)

    one day you will,
    it's in your stars! :-)
    I fondly remember the late spring day I strolled by the farmers' market next to the Twin Towers.

    this farmers' market is open only on Saturdays until noon.

    Wandring Star,
    oh, I am sure he would grant you an indulgance or two! :-)

    you should see the micro kitchen underneath the rack - amazing the bounty and quality of the cooking that comes out of there. The place is also open for lunch and dinner.

    welcome and thank you! :-)
    And thanks to Willow too!

    I love the way the Viennese manage to find outdoors space to sit down and eat even where there is none! Sometimes I turn a corner and have to pinch myself, reminding me that I am not in Rome. Southern living is practised here so matter f factly.

    Lori Lynn,
    thank you! :-)

    welcome and thank you too! :-)
    And Willow. ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    thank you and see you in your beautiful Carolina! :-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    that's an interesting comment -
    coming from an area where I always though of as the home of true Sybarites! ;-)

  12. As you can see from the mistakes in my comments,
    my editor has taken a leave of absence! :-(

  13. Thank you, Jelica!
    Some days I feel the pictures need a little help to tell the whole story. ;-)

  14. Kurwenal06 May, 2009

    ooooooohh bookmark bookmark bookmark that real scrummy cafe ! Real bread, real soft fried eggs and coffee to really wake up for...

    Thanks for sharing Merisi, and Kudos for the sharp and colourful pics


  15. Looks like another beautiful spring day!! Wonderful photos!!

  16. Kurwenal,
    you are welcome,
    and that place is truly worth a visit. You may have to wait for a table, unless you are really early.
    They do take reservations for dinner, as far as I know.

    we are blessed with one beautiful spring day after the next. Even rainy days produce some sunshine. Heaven!

  17. oh my...all this looks so appetizing..
    you're really show the best essence of Vienna to tempt us !
    and...this café is..just next to the Farmer's market..wish i could fly there!

  18. How magical to imagine, even for a few minutes, that I was in Vienna having breakfast in the warm sunshine, with all the people and sounds and smells, instead of here in my little studio. Thank you!

  19. Merisi, I was just down the Farmer's Market in NYC few hours ago! They had lilac blooms everywhere, which reminded me of you and your post the other day!
    Oh! I covet all these!
    I covet breakfast in paradise!
    These are all so, so divine.

  20. Now you made me want to plant ranunculus.

  21. WHAT - no chocolate croissants? Hmmmmph!

  22. well, again I have looked at this blog at near lunch time and I am starving!

  23. Charming pics...oh, and I'm hungry now!

  24. My Castle in Spain,
    oh, all I do is show you "my Vienna"! ;-)

    would you believe it that I dream of these Saturday mornings myself at times? Only a few metro stops away, yet so far if it is only Thursday! ;-)

  25. The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street,
    did you go to the Union Square Greenmarket?
    .. "so divine" -
    you made me smile! :-)

    ranunculus, that is a great little plant to have, I agree! :-)

  26. david mcmahon,
    David, David, please remember,
    we are in Vienna, where a proper breakfast starts with an egg, possibly soft boiled and peeled, served in a glass! Croissant comes later, at a break between breakfast and lunch. ;-)

  27. Simon,
    I see, I am causing havoc in the Land of Auss once again (even though I am not the Witch of the East!). ;-)

  28. Kirti,
    thank you.
    So sorry you are hungry too, like poor Simon! Do you think I should use warning labels???

  29. breakfast as a poem!

  30. Anonymous07 May, 2009

    I think for my next trip across the pond that Vienna has risen to the top of the list! :)

  31. wow, these must all be comments from the USA (just kidding - because it seems we keep eating throughout the day) - I love your phrase:you shall not covet...
    Remember, in America there are no "proper" breakfasts, no proper anything, Merisi!

  32. Lara,
    poems instead of breakfast,
    now wouldn't that be a great diet? ;-)


    jeannette stgermain,
    I politely beg to differ,
    Waffles or French Toast with maple sirup and sausage links,
    pancakes of all kinds,
    are all-American and oh so good when you get up late on a Sunday!
    Remember IHOP?

  33. Thoughtful, wise, Merisi!...

  34. Thank you, Irene! :-)

  35. Beautiful post and photos! I feel like I just stepped out for a nice break :-) Thank you.

    Loved your comment at Davids today.

  36. Oooo, I covet everything!

    This is a vision of loveliness, and even though it's raining in England, I'm going to go outside and pick some wet lilacs so I can have a little piece of the seriously sensual beauty of this poem! (And I May boil an egg, too.)

  37. Fabulous post that causes not only the taste buds but the eyes and ears to salivate - if you see what I mean?!

  38. Lovely and clever and you made me smile! Thanks - I needed that!

    And congratulations on the David's POTD nomination. :o)

  39. Congrats on POTD!
    I still covet the eggs!...anytime of the day!

  40. This is the best post I have seen in a long time. Charming and thought provoking. Appealing to the eye and the taste buds. Filling for the hungry stomach and fulfilling for the hungry heart.

    Thanks for a savory and sweet treat.

  41. Always a winner!!! Congrats on POTD! Without a doubt, this is brilliant! ~Janine XO

  42. Fantastic, no wonder David chose your post. The eggs look perfect, the coffee, the flowers, I could go on & on & on & on.

  43. Wonderful and perfect post, Merisi.

  44. Thank the Gods!
    Thank Merisi!
    "Nothing's gonna change (my) your world!"
    Always wonderful ;)

  45. Bless me father for I have sinned: I am coveting that soft boil egg and the caffe latte.
    I am going to make breakfast now.

  46. I still don't know what a caffè Melange is but does it matter in such a surfeit of break fasting?
    I don't mind sitting inside in the least if I can have all this!

    1. Caffè Melange is a cappuccino, Viennese style. ;-)

      Did you know that Cappuccino was first served in Vienna and traveled from there to Italy? Hard fact! ;-)

  47. Forgive me because I have repeatedly coveted many of these things reading this post!

  48. I have no problem not coveting the eggs, but the green tea, chickpea dip and kalamata olives would be in peril if I were at the next table. Sorry, those are much too tempting and I am but a mere mortal. And a vegan. And hungry! :-)

    And to enjoy those tantalizing treats in a place as beautiful as Vienna would make it worth whatever stain on my soul might result from being covetous of my neighbor's goodies. :-)

  49. Wonderful set of shots! They're all are lovely.

    There are about 400 Tillandsia species and some are SO similar but, in fact, the one I posted looks like a 'ionantha' specimen. Thank you for the tip. :-)

    1. Thank you! :-)

      Regarding the Tillandsia, I have never seen anything like that plant of yours, gorgeous!

  50. Wonderful! I can't help coveting, but so lovely to have the flowers they are sharing early in the morning again.

    1. First the duty (do the shopping, buying flowers), then the feast! :-)

  51. Beautiful and creative post, Merisi! Love all photos, your words and videos, principally "Spring comes"!

  52. I laugh in the face of rules, and I COVET ALL OF IT! 8-)

  53. Charming as usual Merisi.
    We are so fortunate that a delightful European-style breakfast cafe just opened close to home, with a view of the ocean, and outdoor seating, I couldn't be happier. You inspired me to go there with my camera, this week!

    1. Thank you, Lori Lynn!
      I am looking forward to see your take of a Californian breakfast!

  54. What a wonderful place to live if you have outings like this.

    Beautiful photos and delightful prose. It is thanks to bloggers like you that this humble farm girl gets to travel the world. Thanks for being my tour guide today. I also thank you for stopping by my "Blooming Lampost."

  55. Thank you! I feel blessed, Vienna is indeed full of places to go and enjoy a meal in the outdoors, from the center of the city to the edges and in the Vienna Woods.
    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July,

  56. What a beautiful post! Stunning photos. Thank you for helping me feel as tho' I am actually there.

  57. there is nothing better like a small breakfast outside in the sun

    życie & podróże


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