Friday 17 April 2009

Under the Lilacs

The Lilacs
are blooming again!

Early Afternoon
at the fence between
Heldenplatz and Volksgarten

White Lilacs
unable to contain themselves,
reaching through the iron fence.

seeking shade -
or are they bathing
in the heady fragrance emanating
from the lilac blossoms?

An Ode to Spring
"Life-glowing season ! odour-breathing Spring!
Deck'd in cerulean splendours !–vivid,–warm,
Shedding soft lustre on the rosy hours,
And calling forth their beauties! balmy Spring!
Mary Darby Robinson

Photographed by Merisi
Wednesday, April 16, 2009
in the

"Under the Lilacs"
"Under the Lilacs"
is the title of a work
by Louisa May Alcott

The poem "An Ode to Spring,"
by Mary Darby Robinson,
can be read in its entirety
at the digital library of the
University of Pennsylvania.
Click on the fountain image
to reach the page

And yes,
all the other images
are clickable too, more spring!
Enjoy! :-)


  1. One of my favorite scents - how I miss them! Thank you for your lovely blog that takes me to Vienna for a few minutes every day.

  2. Thank you, Catherine! :-)
    Such serendipity, that you live in my old hometown.

    Dear readers,
    check out Catherine's blog,
    she's a wonderful artist!

  3. Our lilacs are just starting up here as well--I love more than anything going past them and smelling their fabulous scent. We have one at the bottom of the steps off our backyard deck, and one in the front just at our front steps. Heaven. Your photos are beautiful, and I love that fountain! Now I must go and see Catherine's work. Thanks!

  4. Oh, don't you wish they would last twice as long? We wait all year for that heavenly scent! Your lovely post reminded me of one I put up last April...lilac time is special but short, so my thanks for the beautiful reminder to enjoy them before they are gone.

  5. The lilacs are clearly trying to escape!

  6. the fountain picture is simply amazing
    you should sell your prints
    I know I would buy some

  7. Beautiful collection of photos, I adore lilacs and can't wait until they start blooming around here:)

  8. You are so far ahead of us.
    Lovely to get a little glimpse of REAL spring.

  9. It will be a week or two before we will sense the scent of the Flieder in England.

    Great pictures, you can even bring charm to a fence!

  10. Ah i miss lilacs, I'm pretty sure the deer would eat them.

    Thank you for teh photos.

  11. My goodness, I love these photos. I swear I can smell those flowers from here. You amaze me. Love the bathing bird, below, too!

  12. That first photo is especially stunning.

    It's great to see Spring arfiving on your side of the world.

  13. true spring images, so calm and relaxing!

  14. Breathtaking pictures~!

  15. Vom Flieder berauscht...ja der Fruehling, der Fruehling, der Fruehling ist da, geh'ma Tauben vergiften im Park....


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