Thursday 26 April 2012

To the Market
in the Time of Lilacs

Lilac flowers and apples

Saturday Morning Purchase
White and purple lilac flowers

Roses and Tulips
in shades of orange

Spring Bounty
Roses and tulips by the pailful

Ready to Take-Home
White lilac wrapped in yesterday's news

Lily-of-the-Valley and red geraniums
Who remembers Diorissimo?

Tulips Galore
Would you like some new potatoes too?

Late Spring
White asperagus and red tulips
The first asparagus from the nearby Marchfeld region,
Southeast of Vienna

Photographed by Merisi, Saturday morning, April 25, 2009
at the Yppen Platz Farmers' Market
16th District, Ottakring


  1. Oh the lilacs!
    Too, too beautiful.

    What happened to your little face picture??!!

  2. Stunning colors. I just adore your photo journals.

  3. My driveway here on The Prairie is lined with Lilac Bushes. They budded out just this week ... I can hardly wait and I thank you for the sneak peek! xoxo.

  4. Oh, everything looks so lovely this time of year. Our lilacs are in full bloom, roses are out, salvias are starting up, and pansies are a blast of color, since it's not too hot yet. What a magical trip to the market, Merisi. Thanks for the tour. Great colors!

  5. How lovely is the market place!

  6. oh

    if i could buy lilacs
    in north florida
    i would never have money
    enough for food.


    {{ i do not want to make you weep
    i have only seen Real Lilacs
    2 times in my life.

    when i see photos
    of them
    i go ga~ga. }}

  7. My ideal Saturday morning. Exquisite photos!

  8. Oh, what a glorious floral tribute!

  9. we went yesterday to the market too (we are back in RO) - but there is no place to take photos, such a crowd it was! Flieder was also everywhere! but in the village where we live it is also everywhere, but in its entire splendour: every yard has at least one purple and one white...

  10. never smell the tulip.wish im in vienna.thank you

  11. Lilly of the Valley -such a long time ago that i've seen these - they were my brides bouquet - I love them!
    Thanks for sharing, and for all the kind wishes you gave when explaining how you keep up with your readers:)

  12. I just love your vibrant photos, I can almost smell the fragrances from the beautiful flowers. I stumbled across your web page yesterday and I shall definitely be coming back for more. regards, Lindsey

  13. My Dear M...thanks for the flowers...they're lovely...white Lilacs are my favorite...I can nearly smell their aroma!

  14. Those flowers are all so beautiful, and as usual so are the pictures! I particularly like the first one, with the apples and the lilacs. There's a strong contrast of colors in it, and I like how the apples are in the corner and seem to be escaping out the sides.

  15. Hi Merici,
    Stunning your market place is!
    That photo of the woman with the red coat carrying the flowers is stunning.
    Thank you for sharing!
    May your day be filled with the scent of Lilacs!

  16. Thank you so much for the beautiful lilacs! I have such beautiful memories of all the lilac bushes around the yard where I grew up. We had the deep magenta, light purple and white varieties and they each smelled just a bit different. How I miss them!


  17. My favorite images of this bunch are: Saturday Morning Purchase and Roses and tulips in shades of orange. Why? Because I feel like a voyeur spotting someone purchasing something lovely. Also, the lady's red coat and the bunch of lilacs is a nice contrast and composition.

    In the 2nd one, Roses and eye is lead past the blur of colors directly to the subject, which was kinda funny. You caught someone putting a bunch of flowers in their purse at the right moment, framed in flowers. That's cool.

  18. Oh - so lovely! I'm happy to have found your blog. What a delightful treat to have "postcards from Vienna".

    This post would be great for the Farmer's Market Report. I hope you'll consider submitting it! Last year we had submission from Australia and Sweden!

  19. I love lilac and its little flowers. The womand with the scarf on her head looks lovely. like very much your pics of farmers market

  20. Hi Merisi - These photos are so pretty. I like your mixing flowers and produce!
    P.S. Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog.

  21. Your posts about this market are always my favorites and yet I have NEVER been there. Grrr. It's at the top of my to-do list...

  22. The saturated colors here are gorgeous!!! Color is my never-ending delight!!!! You feed my soul! ~Janine XO

  23. 26 April 2012:
    Some days, inspiration simply refuses to show up in the short swatches of time you are able to offer.
    I tried various themes, to no avail.

    I love the memories of this happy morning at the market, back in April 2009. I hope you enjoy them too!


  24. Oh Merisi, I love the asparagras and tulips and potatoes and flowers.
    You made me feel Spring has sprung.

  25. Gorgeous spring photos, Merisi. Vienna's flowers and gardens look so lovely.

  26. Nice photographs. Great job.

  27. Surprised that flowers are still being wrapped in newspaper but why not.


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