Sunday 5 April 2009

Signs Of Spring

Coat and Hat
Being abandoned indoors

Late Afternoons
Swimming in hazy blues

Ice-Cream Spoons
Reflecting azure

Alpine Strawberries
Waltzing with whipped cream

Appearing dressed in nothing but whipped cream,
accessorized with the lightest almond crisp

The Seal
Slapping on whipped cream
on top of iced coffee

You Are Still
Sitting outdoors
When the sun goes down,
Lingering on
Into the blue hour.


on April 4th, 2009
Late afternoon at
Esplanade-Café Zauner
Café & Patisserie

Bad Ischl
Upper Austria


  1. Whipped Cream.
    I didn't even realize
    I repeated myself
    that often.

  2. Hello on Sunday morning from New York.

    I have treated myself to catching up with the marvelous sights that you share, begining with those angels and pleasantly gliding through many places, and seeing skies, markets, windows, and so many different deliciously tempting dishes.

    There can never be enough schlag. It was a delight to meet up with Elizabeth last week, and pretend that we had somehow hopped into Demel's.


  3. what great great shots! I love that hazy blue sky & your food pics are scrumptious.

  4. PS
    Please get a follow button so I can follow you!

    thank you and a happy Sunday to you!
    I hope New York city is decked out in its Spring finery - are the tulips on Park Avenue median bloom already?

    Isn't this a wonderful world where people can share so many delights across the seas?

    I wished I knew how to do that without endangering the rest of my blog. I once tried to update my side bar and almost lost the blog. I haven't done anything but putting up posts since then, scared of all those widgets and wizzards out there.

    I seem to have followers, sometimes when I open my dashboard, I see a list, but the inner workings of this miracle escape me.

  6. I so enjoy my daily respite in such a beautiful and civilized corner of the world that you reveal to us. I fear I am gaining weight just by looking at your scrumptious photos of delectables.

  7. I was outside last night when evening came. Was lovely here. Beautiful strange cloud formations.

  8. Oh, please DO send me a slice of that gorgeous "Alpine strawberries" pastry you are showing here, with all that pink schlag! I'm dying for it!

    So glad to know your part of the world is enjoying some warmer and sunnier weather and that Spring is revealing herself there too.

  9. Hello from Colorado, USA - visiting your site is like taking a mini-vacation! Thank you for sharing your city :)

  10. Mmmm, I'd like to try the alpine strawberries please ;-)

  11. such class!! lovely, lovely!

  12. Beautiful artistic words Merisi. Waltzing with whipped cream...the blue hour...the abandoned coat and hat. Beautiful.

  13. sparkleaplenty,
    thank you and welcome! :-)

    Wandring Star,
    do you think they would arrive shipshape and in Bristol fashion if I tried to send you some? ;-)

    Fat, frumpy and fifty,
    oh thank you, gorgeous one, you are so kind! ;-)

    thank you, you are very kind to me! *blush*

  14. Charles Gramlich,
    growing up, we would sit with our parents on the front porch and watch the weather "happen" - I love it to this day. Unfortunately, I have never again lived in a place with the kind of big sky I grew up with (and really darkness at night revealing so many more stars!).

  15. Oh, it's so true--I just love when the light is around longer, the warm days start up, and for goodness sake, ice cream and schlag--it's all good! What great photos. That first one of the hat and coat is wonderful. You've made me itching to go out for a walk, and that's just what I'm heading off to do now. ;)

  16. A Brush with Color,
    I agree! As usually is the case, I shot the images "on the side" (I often steal away to powder my nose, to get a few more pictures), this time meeting family there. I so often wish I would have had the time to really take aim to get more than snapshots, but I have come to accept that it will probably always be a thing done on the sly, with a bit of roguishness at time. C'est la vie! ;-)

  17. genialer Blog, wirklich :)

  18. Wonderful - I loved Vienna, however briefly I was there for. Found your blog through your yummy comment on Carol's blog and am totally inspired to buy a baguette today and let it go stale :)

  19. Monika,
    dankeschön und herzlich willkommen! :-)

    thank you and welcome! :-)
    I can't wait until the good sunripe tomatoes come onto the markets here, for Tuscan bread salad!

  20. All lovely pictures but I got the biggest kick out of the hat and coat abandoned at home.
    Strawberries. Yum.
    You blog never fails to delight.

  21. That iced coffee looks marvelous! Strawberries, blue skies, side walk tables filled with customers...spring is certainly on it's way!!

  22. Oh but to breathe or bit one small portion of your pictures, would be a moment of divinity.

  23. Ice cream spoons does it for me...
    Such nostalgie...

  24. Now that plate with the alpine strawberry what not and nougat cream would do me nicely!

  25. Oh how lovely! I love this tim e of the year. And Vienna!

  26. I just found my dream (cream) desserts! All of these are magnificent. Especially the pink cream and strawberries. Sigh, sigh, sigh. My word verification is 'grins'!


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