Friday 3 April 2009

Evening Light in Josefstadt

Sun-Kissed Crown
Palais Damian
Lange Gasse

Frank Bau- und Kunstglaserei

Florianigasse Facade
Reflected in Frank's shop window

Kurioses & Krimskrams
Unusual Knickknacks & Bric-à-Brac

Wares in one of the shop windows

Doll's Florist Shop
Lange Gasse
Trees of Schönborn Park
reflected in the store window.

My first encounter with this innovative florist
was quite accidental.
I was driving through Lange Gasse
on a late November night,
when I noticed
an upside down Christmas tree
in their store window.
The creativity displayed in those windows
has drawn me back there again and again.

Buchfeldgasse/Josefstädter Strasse

The house reflected in the shop window
of a flower shop on Josefstädter Strasse
was the birthplace and family home of
Nobel Laureate Karl von Frisch (1886 - 1982),
who pioneered studies in bee communication and foraging.

Swiss poet Gottfried Keller spent
"the happiest days" of his life there in 1874 ,
as guest of von Frisch's mother, Marie von Frisch.

La Delizia Ristorante
White rose and well-loved Fiat 500
Florianigasse 19

Theater in der Josefstadt
Billboard outside Vienna's oldest theater
Josefstädter Strasse

Die Alte Löwen-Apotheke
The Old Lion Pharmacy
Joefstädter Strasse/Piaristengasse

The Lion-Apothecary was founded in 1782
in a building across the street
from its present location.

Piaristenkirche Maria Treu
Piarist Church of Mary the Faithful
View from Maria-Treu-Gasse

Photographed on the evening of
Saturday, April 5, 2008,
in the 8th District


  1. It is gloomy where I am! I need to see beauty to brighten my day.
    That white rose is a beauty.

  2. The windows you show, Merisi, all have a unique history behind them. Thank you for enlightening us.


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