Saturday 14 March 2009

Wouldn't You Rather?

and watch the butterflies

Get on your toes
and smell the tulips?

Go Pink
and sin until you can spell
"Kleine Naschereien"
in your dreams?

for more "Kleine Naschereien,"
of the chocolate kind?

"Frou Frou"
yourself til
the chestnuts come home to roast?

Have a flirt
with the Kronprinz
and eat his Schnitte too?

yourself from morning to night?

Oh goody,
I say,
go ahead and be my guest!

Rather than
sitting all goody-goody
in front of all these delights
doing nothing but drinking coffee!

this past Thursday
Demel's Pâtisserie
March 2008


  1. I heart the tulips and pink petite fours.

  2. Oh yes, I MUCH rather would! I feel like this post was just for me. Thank you for this little trip to heavenly delights. Here it is 7:00 in the morning in Long Beach and I'm dreaming of kleine naschereien. Where oh where will I find any as delectable as these? I'm smiling all day. Thank you.

  3. Simply stunning images - I love your blog :)

  4. You gave me so many smiles while reading this. I could feel the pounds adding to my hips as I looked at each delicaciy. Of course i would rather eat them than just drink coffee...but that coffee looks quite wonderful too.

  5. That two-tiered cake with the butterflies is BEAUTIFUL. A vision of spring for sure. I've never had Frou Frou but it looks like something that I might enjoy. If I'm going to take in calories, it might as well be something as dilectable as one of these tasty goodies you've posted today. Happy Saturday :D

  6. Everything looks too pretty to eat..except for the coffee.. Michelle

  7. Please may magic wand be waved, and may I have a seat at the table, and may the delicious coffee be served with ... every one of those treasures in your photos. Oh ... wait, I must decline the chocolate until Easter, but surely, surely there are many other true delicacies to be sampled. If there is any danger to the table to bring all these sweets at once, please do not worry.

    I can sit at the table that I see in the beautiful Merisi pictures fore a long, long time. Day can stretch into afternoon, and into evening.

    I am bewitched by the cafes of Vienna.


  8. That cake is incredible! It's one of those you hate to cut into it.

  9. the most delicious post ever!! :-)

  10. Frou Frou is actually a band .. search for "Let Go" by Frou Frou .. i am sure you'll enjoy it.

  11. Absolutely delicious.
    I'm usually allergic to the term "frou frou", but this actually makes some sort of sense. "Rococo" is another term that implies something overdone...but there is a time and place for excess, isn't there?

  12. No-one bakes like the Austrians! The French come close and the Danes excel in pastry, but Demel's holds the crown.

  13. Sweet dream :-)

    I have good friends who are in Wien this week-end.

    Myself I am working on my Venezia/Austria plans for June. I'll send you and email about it.....

  14. Yes you are right. I would rather be with you in Vienna

  15. Oh how much I heart Demel :)
    Thank you Merisi!

  16. Really, living in Vienna must be almost heaven. The surroundings, the food, the decor ... all is so lovely.

  17. *sheesh* here we are considering how to get in shape, looking forward to warmer weather . . . we stop for a visit . . . and what happens? . . . c'ya later gotta get to the bakery now! :-)


  18. I agree with you. Why sit and look at all of that beauty when you live so close. Don't just look, experience. And if I was in Vienna I would definitly be experiencing it. Ever since I began to look at your beautiful pictures I have added Vienna to my list of places to travel.

  19. Looks divine!

  20. Goodness--so many sweets. I'll take 6 of those pretty tulips, please.

  21. yes i would, without any remorse! now i have to go out and grab something sweet :)

  22. Can I join you? (: Wonderful pictures!

  23. What treats and delights you offer us!
    Sign me up immediately.

  24. Fru Fru and croissants. I am tempted.

  25. Oh, my, deletable goodies!


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