Friday 6 March 2009

Voyage Around A Room

White and purple Flieder
invite you in

Pull up a chair

And join the conversation

The warm glow
of a Fazzoletto lamp

yellow and orange tulips

Stacks of plates and bowls
to be filled with ambrosia

Bone china cups
sitting on the shelf,
dreaming of being filled with
fragrant teas from the Orient

A girl
in a flowerprint summer dress
standing on tiptoe,
peaking over a fence

Getting lost in a book
or ready to leave, and
endless possibilities
in between


Café der Provinz
8th District

April 29, 2008


  1. A voyage around a room, a different aspect I never thought could look so great. I shall make myself look through my camera with this in mind. Its so nurturing learning and growing from fellow bloggers!! thank you!!

    thanks for the heads up on the POTD, wasnt aware as hadnt been to Davids yet!!

  2. Oh look at that beautiful lilac!
    I'm definitely planting a lilac bush this year!

  3. light glows evry corner, right?
    how do you get the saecond picture done?
    hope to see more creative shots, next. thank you today.

  4. You captured the atmosphere beautifully merisi, the warm and welcoming soft shades, I could even almost hear the low buzz of conversation and smell the aromas floating up to greet me. Wonderful.

    Oh, I love your new profile picture!

  5. Shrinky,
    thank you! :-)
    It is a wonderful place.

    Fat, frumpy and fifty,
    you are welcome!

    you definitely need a lilac bush, asap! :-)

    Its ME,
    I agree about the light!
    The second picture,
    the table and chair?
    I must have been on my knees to take that low shot. ;-)

  6. Such an inviting room, Merisi!

  7. I just bookmarked you!!!! Your blog about Vienna is beautiful and reminds me how someday I'll visit there It's one of my dreams.

    Thank you.

  8. YUM...this could be PARIS!
    Very atmospheric pictures...sigh

  9. cafe pics are my favorite; they make me want to travel more


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