Sunday 22 March 2009

Vienna: Urban Spring

Museum of Art History

Street Performer
Michaelerplatz and Kohlmarkt

Josefstädter Strasse
8th District

Chancellery at Ballhausplatz

Easter at Demel's

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

8th District

Photographed in Vienna
March 18, 2008.


  1. This willow (?) with its first timid leaves made me sigh - spring is such a wonderful time... thanks for sharing! (and for taking us to two European capitals on the same page!)

  2. Looking at your Urban Spring collection is like having Vietnamese springrolls with sweet chili sauce while strolling around the Big Apple!
    Oh the exuberance on my face upon seeing these Urban Spring photos is priceless :-)
    The last image is like strands of semi-precious stones on a window display.

  3. Yay for Spring! My fav photo is the one with the dog in it. ;-)


  4. A man and his dog together always do my heart good.
    And that last photo is sheer art!

  5. Ah, spring is arriving if the willow is beginning to show its leaf buds. And the photo of the man with dog is lovely, with that connection of togetherness.

  6. Thank you very much for showing me the beautiful city of Vienna. A wonderful series of photographs.

  7. Is that Mozart street performer out there every day? I swear he looks like the same one I took a picture of almost two years ago on our trip to Vienna! Lovely pictures of spring, Merisi. Doesn't the change in season make you smile? :D

  8. It is yummy catching up on your blog Merisi!

  9. Beautiful photographs - I agree with LDahl!

  10. Olga,
    my pleasure! :-)

    Looking closely at the tree trunk, I would guess that the last image must be of silver birch catkins (leaves are still hiding in their buds!). ;-)


    The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street,
    I love New York in Spring, having coffee at that little University cafe at the corner of Washington Square, looking at the daffodils and magnolias! :-)
    I miss Vietnamese summer rolls with shrimp (alas, that place is in DC, just across its border, served at Raku on Woodmont Ave in Bethesda, Md.

    Looking at your Urban Spring collection is like having Vietnamese springrolls with sweet chili sauce while strolling around the Big Apple!

    the dog and its owner are one loving unit. :-)

    The Wanderers' Daughter,
    oh yes, I agree! :-)

    Barbara Martin,
    yes, exactly, "connection of togetherness", you put it beautifully!

    thank you, my pleasure! :-)

    I am sure, he has been around since I arrive the year before you. I have not seen him yet, he seems to spend winter in warmer climes nowadays (going on in years, Herr Mozart!). ;-)

    The change in season would make me smile only if it finally arrived - which it hasn't! :-(

    thank you - so good to see you again! :-)

    thank you! :-)

  11. It's really an enjoyable series of photographs. The image of the Museum of Art History in the clody sky is so beautiful.

  12. Demel is such a luscious place.

  13. Love your viennese spring

  14. I'm anything else but a worrier but tha street perfomer has me concerned for his veins when he gets older. Standing so still, even when you look so beautiful, is not good for one's circulation.
    What are the catkins in the last shot? They seem too long for a birch.


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