Saturday 7 March 2009

Looking for Signs of Spring

View of Kohlmarkt
and the Imperial Palace

The outdoor furniture
in front of Meinl Café is back,
and so are the torrents of spring.
I am looking
for signs of spring

Fabergé-Style Eggs
Papier-mâché to be filled
with dreams.
Berger's Buchhandlung

"Joseph Haydn and His Time in Pictures"
to be read on those rainy early March evenings.
Berger's Buchhandlung

Cautious Gardening
Martha Srna-Modlitby
Naglergasse 1

Garden of Culinary Delight
Miniature Sachertorten
Grown by Demel's pastry fairies

Group Picture with Boys
H & M Collection
Kaufhaus E. Braun & Co Building
Graben 8

A Rainy Day in Vienna
Photographed in the morning
of March 6, 2009
@ by Merisi

Clicking on the images
will take you on more
Viennese excursions.


  1. Love your photos, Merisi!

    Thanks for your visiting on my new blog. You are always very welcome! I add a Google Translator on the top of the page, although it is not so good...

    Yes, "Timbuktu" is by Paul Auster. I also like his book "The Invention of Solitude". Did you read this one?

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely, where ever I am you transport me...I have inspired em to take my camera out in old carlisle and try to do it justice!!

    watch out for a post//

  3. Thank you Merisi!
    For sharing this beauty.
    These eggs BLOW MY MIND!!
    Just think a Fabergé style egg even I could afford! ;-)
    Will now click on the images now.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Sending you some sunshine!

  4. I'm in catch up mode, and scrolling down your many lovely posts. Every single photo you post is a work of art. I don't know how you so consistently achieve such perfect images every time. I feel like I've fallen into a dreamworld, or the past, or into my thoughts. Thanks for that.

  5. Wonderful photos as always. You make even the mondane mystical and magical.

  6. Fantastic! I love that you can click on the photos and take another journey. Thank you for answering about the cats. I would rather have cats than rats any day.

  7. Now, if I could stuff a few of those chocolates inside one of those Faberge eggs and slip out with it.

  8. Pristine,perfect. Again I am transported.

    You are a genius with a camera Merisi.

    Verification word is :cometh. I would if I could believe me.

  9. So where is that Primula Irksome-ola you were articulatum about near your so-called tram stop eh?

  10. A beautifully coordinated sequence of pictures! Your cleverly-worked top one gives me the impression of a row of heart-shaped tables

  11. Curmudgeonly Breakfast:

    Dear Grouch,

    I think you need a hug: here! ;-)
    May I suggest you help yourself to a good Paris Breakfast before you dive into visual feasts? How about some hot chocolate and a golden croissant?

    My saffron-colored Primula Articulatum (or whatever its name) sits on my kitchen counter, listening to Arcadefire performing in Paris:

    "If I'd fit in the windowsill I'd plant myself in your direction,
    I would use the sun's energy
    to make your place my destination.

    With the best wishes,
    yours truly.

  12. Ah yes, give me some spring!!!. Sorry I haven't been around, been dealing with a case of shingles!


    Feeling better now.

  13. what always amazes me is how well you capture the "echte Flair" of Vienna! but I guess I said that before. thanks for sharing all these increbible images and making my morning coffee taste a little bit like viennese...

  14. I love how you capture the small bits of beauty in life ,such as those eggs balancing on the book.

  15. Those miniature Sachertorten are divine!


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