Sunday 15 February 2009

Sun and Snow Flurries

The Sunlit Roofs of the Imperial Palace
Peeking over the Construction Fence
surrounding the Theseus Temple
next to the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden
Only a minute or two after the peek over the fence,
clouds swept in and darkened the sky
over the Rose Garden.
In the background, the Museum of Natural History,
the construction fence is to the left.

Snow Began to Fall
as I walked past the fenced-in Theseus Temple.

The Grillparzer Memorial
A little girl frolicking with her mother,
their bonnets still kissed by the sun
while snow flurries dance around them.

Snowflakes swirling out of the sky like feathers
softly landing and beginning to cover
every surface in the park.

Photographed Sunday
February 15, 2009
around noon.


"Snowflakes swirling out of the sky like feathers"
Quoted from Orhan Pamuk's novel "Snow"
Alfred A. Knopf, New York 2004


  1. A dramatic reminder that winter has a sting in its tail. The bottom picture I find especially striking.

  2. those roofs are wonderful..oh to live amongst such stature in the buildings...

  3. Was Jackson Pollock dripping on your pictures? Anyway, he did well, it's magnific!

  4. Beautiful! The snow flurries add such an interesting effect to your pictures. :)

  5. We could do with snow in Victoria !!

  6. Beautiful wintery pix! And such huge flakes, too!

    Thank you so very much for your kind comment, Marisi. It meant so, so much to me. x x

  7. Hello Merisi, this is so amazing post with perfect photos! I always enjoy visiting and browsing your blog. Thank you so much for lovely comments you wrote on mine particulary for the snow shot.I must admit that it is my first shot of falling snow in the evening.

  8. Beautiful February photos. I love the snow flurries. I wish it would snow here in Texas!

  9. I'd almost forgotten what snow flurries looked like until we got some this year.

  10. Now you get snow, Merisi, when it's almost time for spring.

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments,
    I do appreciate each and every singly one you take to time to write.

    While I do not manage to find always the time to respond to them, I read them all! I do try to visit your blogs in turn, which is always a great pleasure! :-)

  12. These photos seem like a world that does not exist anymore. They are magical moments and have a feeling of another lifetime leaving the heart emotionally longing for more. And oh the coffee
    photos are decadent. Please sir I want some more!!!


    u r a great photographer and i am a great writer, i would love to caption some of ur wrk. u tell great stories with ur eye


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