Wednesday 4 February 2009

Icy Tales from the Vienna Woods

Windblown Ice Crystals
Enveloping twigs and leaves
and a forlorn rosehip


Photographed February 3, 2009,
during an expedition into the Vienna Woods
under extreme weather conditions in the
"Häuserl am Roan" area.
19th District (Döbling)


  1. Gorgeous photos! Happy you are able to experience some glorious winter weather. Our 12+ inches has melted down to about 6 on the ground. It's a sunny 10 F this afternoon in Central Ohio!

  2. I am suppose to be finding a "warm" haven for our spring break with the kids, but your pictures are making it very hard for me to look at "warm" places.

  3. The frost on branches, leaves and ground perpetuate the coldness of the season. Awsome photos!

  4. Tales so tender they could break ones heart.

    Love how sensitive your photography is also, how you pick color schemes for every post Merici!

    Hope all is well bella!


  5. Those photos are just gorgeous. You are magic with that camera.

  6. Hi Merisi... I've been reading about the winter storms in Europe. You've just shown us how truly beautiful they are.

  7. These are so beautiful. There is a little copse of tree at the top of our old ski mountain that always gets windblown like this, so that the snow stands out in sideways peaks like meringue - very surreal, like something out of a Norse myth.


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