Saturday 21 February 2009

Cappuccino for David Revisited

Early in the morning when

The mist rises
From the Tuscan hills,
And the sun's almost ready
To kiss the roofs
Of Florence,

Copyright 2008 by Merisi. All rights reservedCopyright 2008 by Merisi. All rights reservedDavide asks
The Mighty Lion
To please stand guard.
He then quickly

steps down
From his pedestal

Copyright 2008 by Merisi. All rights reservedTo fetch himself
A cappuccino
At Dolce e Dolcezze.

The first two pictures
were taken in the hills of Fiesole,
Michaelangelo's David stood still at Piazza Della Signoria
(while Donatello's Perseo,
well, shrugged - we all know what he was up to, don't we?
and the cappuccino
was savoured and photographed
at Dolce e Dolcezza.

and first published
in February 2008


  1. I am trying to finish my work and start packing. Train for Venice leaves in 11 hours. *help*

    A wonderful weekend to you all!

  2. David made quite a stir, I bet.

  3. Wunderschöne Reise, wünsche ich dir!

  4. Magic Merisi, as ever magic.

    veri. word is singulci...wonder if it means anything in Italian.

  5. Dear Merisi,
    I hope Venice is filled with magic!
    Will you be in costume?
    Wanted to tell you that R.O.Butler has a new book out called 'Intercourse' that he was reading from which is written from the perspective of famous historical lovers. And also - The pink satin is mine, yes, and it is an antique costume for a child. I will have to post a full photo of it someday. Thanks for stopping by!
    Have fun - Can't wait to see your photographs!

  6. Incredibly beautiful photos as always. I don't know how you manage that time after time. Have a great visit to Venice. I know we'll get the best view through your lens.

  7. Looking forward to seeing your Venice photos! Have fun :)

  8. Mamma mia che bellezza!
    Reminded me the trip I got to Firenze, and nostalgia and memories... thanks for sending us a bit of wind from bella italia:)

  9. Ah, Fiesole! How you've made me miss Italy.

  10. I hope Venice has been wonderful! I was catching up on your blog as the Boy with a bit of fever looked over my shoulder. When he saw the picture of the mist rising, he reached for the screen and said "Momma, it is so pretty!" A very high compliment!

  11. Have a wonderful trip! Blessings!

  12. O how I miss Florentine cappuccinos. Nothing in the states compares. Hopefully I will return one day to get some more.

  13. I love it! Congratulations on your blog, I really appreciate your photographs and little stories. Venice must be magic, I envy you. Have fun and keep up the great work! All the best!

  14. Many years ago when I was in Florence in the plaza near David, it was fun to watch the teenage boys and young men watch the girls looking at the statute and giggling. And the glassware, leather goods...sigh.


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