Tuesday 20 January 2009

Oh, What A Day!

Demel K. & K. Hofzuckerbäckerei
Demel Royal and Imperial Confectioners

Photographed at Demel's
on November 5, 2008,
and posted for the first time
on that same date.


  1. That chocolate cake is speaking to me! Pop over to my blog for a little something that mixes well with cake.

  2. oh, well... let's keep what belongs to Vienna in Vienna... :)

  3. WOWZA!
    You make me want to run out to DEMELS and try that instead of heading out to the pool to work off past indulgences...ahem

  4. That looks so delicious, and yes, what an auspicious day it is. We have 4 inches of beautiful snow today so far, and that doesn't happen often in NC. An exciting, historic day...

  5. What a day indeed. The world breathes a sigh of relief and shouts for joy!

  6. I'm glad you are enjoying a celebratory piece of cake with us!
    Great happiness here!

  7. I'm pretending to be eating that scrumptious cake as I enjoy this historic, beautiful day! I watch the inaugeration celebrations on TV all day, as we speak!

  8. Thank you, all! :-)

    I watched the inauguration and the walk down Pennsylvania Ave. on CNN, wishing I would be there; however, I tried to tell myself that once again it was icy cold on inauguration day, and the warm place in front of the TV set made at least for more comfortable viewing!;-)

  9. I don't remember how I ran across your blog, but your images are beautiful! I may just have to keep this thing followed!

  10. Certainly a new chapter in the never ending story of American history. While I miss my friends in DC and the history of the town, I think I'm glad that I'm not there today....too crowded and COLD for my comfort. How tasty was that torte? :D

  11. It was quite a crowd, wasn't it? Did you ever think you'd live to see the day? I think back and remember the day that the first Kennedy died, and the second, and MLK - there should surely be a word more descriptive than "historic"!

  12. Hello Merisi,

    I just found you via Barbara Martin; I thought I would check out the other folks she was choosing to honour. It is obvious that you both love Wiens, and why.

    I will certainly be back.



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