Sunday 18 January 2009

Nighthawk's Vademecum

No Sparkling White China,

Some mornings
are like that.

Hanging Out Into the Wee Hours
can turn the morning after

Into an Entreaty for Soothing Comforts,
a plea for no harsh lights or sounds.

The Night's Libations
call for restorative measures!

Coffee or Tea
No matter,
just add a cube of sugar.

these two ladies

will be out and about again,
dancing the night away!


* Gilded angel cups found at "Die Vermischte Warenhandlung", Weihburggasse 1
* Black Thonet Barstools: Café Diglas, Wollzeile
* Orange to gold fabrics: Elisabeth Reger's Stilgerecht, Planken- & Spiegelgasse
* Biskuitfisch: K. & K. Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel, Kohlmarkt 14
* Melange and Tea: Café Diglas, Wollzeile

January 2009


  1. Yes, clicking on the images will take you on a night on the town, but also to the morning after! :-)
    Happy Sunday everyone and everywhere,
    Merisi xxx

  2. Why does everything you photograph look so...sumptuous? It's like you are living in Luxe TV with history thrown in for good measure.

  3. Moannie's right. You should have been photographer for the Renaissance. Had they had one.

  4. LOL. What did you do last night :-)

    We spent it in the pool, celebrating a couple and their 60th birthdays.

  5. I love these. The colors are rich and comforting, and deep.


  6. Oh, and Café Diglas has done some decorating, I see. Beautiful!

  7. Charles Gramlich,
    wouldn't that be a dream job! Imagine, photographing Merisi da Caravaggio at work (and Botticelli, Titian, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dürer, Raphael, oh, I am getting greedy here *g*)! ;-)

  8. Britt-Arnhild,
    me, last night?
    Very boring, I went to bed early, goody-goody girl that I am! :-)))
    Only my imagination is boundless, conjuring up all sorts of mischief. ;-)

  9. Steph,
    these barstools are somewhat hidden under the counter, by the doorway that leads to the small room in the back of the left wing of the café.

  10. Another wonderfully imaginitive post!

  11. .
    Thank you, Wandering Star! :-)

  12. I love the biskuitfisch...I have a soft spot for anything in the shape of a fish...marzipan, soap, what have you. Maybe it's the pisces in me...

  13. Merisi, a visit here spins out like a Sunday morning . . . another section of the paper to open, another link to linger over.

  14. Such orange fabrics
    what luxury!

  15. .
    The Wanderer's Daughter,
    you know what came to my mind while reading your comment? Why in the world did I not buy one of these fish? Apparently (allem Augenschein nach), I am a single-focus person when I take pictures. Somehow, the possibility that every now and then I could also buy what I photograph seems lost to me, until days later, at least. ;-)

  16. .

    Thank you, tut-tut, I love your analogy! :-)

    I do miss The Washington Post and the New York Times Sunday editions at my doorstep on Sunday mornings!
    In DC, the weekend supplements (and advertisements) are distributed on Saturday afternoons already, at times even with the Saturday morning edition. First the Funny Pages, then the Book Sections (Anatole Broyard and Michael Dirda first), ... *swoon*

  17. .
    aren't they gorgeously draped, just like that? The "Stilgerecht" store window at Plankengasse is among my favorite Viennese attractions. One of these days I shall bring along a fold-up chair and camp in front of that window display! ;-)

  18. OOOhh....those are WONDERFUL gilded angel cups! I can just imagine drinking a decadent hot chocolate out of one of those....I think I must have lived in the Renaissance in a past life....had a dress made of that sumptious orange fabric....yes INDEED!! :D

  19. Awesome night out on the town is delightful, and so is the morning. Thank you, Merisi.

  20. Well I hope you at least bought that melange, Merisi? I could never resist for sure!


  21. The light in the Biskuitfisch photo is having a profound effect on me, and I don't know why exactly. It's that same feeling when you smell an overwhelmingly familiar scent, but can't quite pull up the memory or association. It's beautiful, though; makes me very happy!


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