Friday 30 January 2009

A Little Night Music

Süßes Betthupferl
Sweet Into That Good Night

on that grey snowy morning
of January
30, 2009


  1. Those look like the perfect donuts. Powdered sugar heaven!

  2. Tasty treats with perfect music, though I like to drink coffee before retiring for the night. Yes, I can still fall asleep directly once my head hits the pillow. It's purely mind over matter.

  3. I like the way you have caught the reflection in the polished table-top.

  4. did you make them ??
    They look so yumie and your picture is lovely

  5. What is it that stops you all from becoming HUGE? I could not EVER resist all those scrumptious cakes and frothy coffee.

  6. They look delicious, but they look so precariously perched there, I'd be a nervous wreck I'd lose them. I'd be forced to eat them all at once, I fear. ;)

  7. Are those doughnuts covered with cocaine?

  8. Oh downfall. I haen't had a good one in ages. I'm drooling....

  9. Eight little pieces of heaven! My mouth is watering, can you say "no" to one of those? :D
    Happy Saturday!

  10. Merisi,
    I just yelled to my husband, "Get in here!" We licked our lips at this whole stream of pictures from Demels. I could use one of those donuts as a pillow! My husband said, "I'd weigh a thousand pounds if I lived there." I actually made donuts like these once and they looked exactly the same. I filled them with pastry creme. So time consuming. So worth it!
    Happy weekend dear Merisi,

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments! :-)

    I got a little stir-crazy the other day (too many days in a row confined to the indoors, and with a little energy coming back, I had to get rid of it, asap *g*) and made these Faschingskrapfen, as they are called here. They are the sum and product of years of studies and trials to find the perfect recipe and way to produce them. I thought I'd never make them again, after moving from DC to this Krapfen-Capital, but it felt like Christmas without a tree, when the first carneval season rolled around here without baking some myself.

    a sweet thank you to you! :-)

    Barbara Martin,
    whenever I am back in Italy, I drink coffee morning, day and night and never have a problem with sleep.
    Outside Italy's borders, for some strange reason that ain't so.

    Wandring Star,
    thank you. The cake-stand sits on top of my piano (don't tell the kids!), the brighted spot, on a terribly grey afternoon.

    merci, and yes, they were home-made.

    it's easy: Only take pictures!
    Zero calories, almost as much fun. ;-) I gave those pictured away, too tempting to eat them all.

    A Brush With Color,
    I agree, Sue, precariously perched! They could have fallen behind the piano. :-)

    Charles, there's so much Rum in the dough, powdered sugar is the only addition needed to make you deliriously happy!

    all it takes is a ticket to Vienna! :-)

    I would not be able to say no either, having them around the say. So I told them to get out of here! ;-)

    A thousand Clapping Hands,
    Catherine, you are a master: It took me years to get them in such perfect shape! ;-)

    Happy weekend to all of you! :-)

  12. .
    Wait til you come to my home, Carol! :-)


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