Friday 5 December 2008

When Dusk falls in December
Vienna at Christmastime

Franek Historical Luminaires

Kissing Ball

and Weihburggasse

Advents Wreath
Hartmann Optician


Altwiener Weihnachtsmarkt
Old Vienna Christmas Market

December 4, 2008,
as dusk was falling.
Images and Text © by Merisi


  1. I guess the kissing ball is stuffed with mistletoe? Is it frequently "used" as such? ;-)

    Loved seeing the Polar Rose again, and the penguins :-)

  2. Interesting object this kissing ball! So Vienna is also preparing for Christmas.

  3. It looks like dusk falls softly in pink and light blue.

    I love the very special blue hour of wintger. The hour when light fades and you wait to turn on the lights as long as possible.

  4. Where are the candles in the Advent wreath? I like the look of the kissing ball and the Christmas Market. I am going to be helping my daughter out tomorrow in the Christmas Market in Manchester. There are a lot of German stalls selling all sorts of interesting and smelly (nice smelly) things to eat and drink!

  5. Wandring Star,
    it seems to me that this is actually an ivy plant, trained to grow around a sphere, with some twigs of mistletoe added at the top.

    Reader Wil,
    Vienna has thrown herself enthusiastically into full Christmas gear! I quite enjoy it, to tell the truth. ;-)

  6. Britt-Arnhild,
    you are right, dusk is falling softly in Vienna, and nowhere else have I seen this special quality of light after the sun has set. Some evening the whole city glows in lavender hues.

    well, that's a modern interpretation of the wreath, in an optician's store. ;-) I love Hartmann's, their store windows are extraordinary any day of the year. I will make a post with more pictures of their christmas windows, very restraint, but artsy.

  7. Christmas in Vienna, sounds like a great name for a romantic comedy.

  8. What a wonderful escape to enjoy the sites of the holidays in Vienna. My heart is heavy today for the loss of my dear friend's husband....he was only 34. Thank you for the diversion. It is a reminder that life stil goes on and is meant to be lived to the fullest.


  9. Early, dark, cold morning here. I needed to come back to your pastel beauty once more before I wrap up in a quilt to read some children's stories.

  10. It's very fitting for you to post Vienna's beginning of Christmas decorations as tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day.

  11. Merisi, I have just read your comment about swans at Willows. I onece had a pair f huge white swahs almost bruch my head as they flew over. The noise of the beat of their wings and the wind left me totally awe struck. I felt toutched by an angel, yet the friend showing me her harbour had noticed not a thing. I still feel totally moved by the experience although it was almost 10 years ago.

    Your Vienna dressed for the festive season in rose tinted light is a dear delight.

    Should you wish to glimpse a part of the Adventskranz my granddaughters made with home made stars. It is just below my skywatch post.

  12. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    I will not post until late in the evening because the sun's finally out here, and I am trying to get out of the house as soon as possible, to catch a few pictures in bright sunshine!

    I wish you a weekend full of joy!

  13. How come Vienna is always elegant and sophisticated?
    New York, as ever, has bags of energy but not exactly the grace and charm of old Europe.
    Seasons greetings on the feast of St.Nicholas.

  14. You're such a prolific photographer and blogger. I can scarcely keep up with your wonderful posts. But whenever I do, I'm always just blown away. You're also very talented. Beautiful work!

  15. When dusk falls in Vienna it gives a most beautiful calm light.

  16. What a beautiful light, and what lovely images you captured of it all.


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