Saturday 6 December 2008

December Evening at the Imperial Horse Stables

Horse Stables
of the Imperial Palace


These are the stately quarters
of the famous white Lipizzan Horses
of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Hardworking Professionals
do deserve a bit of Christmas cheer
in their stable's courtyard, don't they?

A White Lipizzan Stallion
taking a closer look
at the Christmas trees.

Saturday Evening
December 6, 2008

I dedicate this post
to Barbara Martin.
Clicking this link
will lead you to her newest book review,
"The Memoirist" by M.J.Rose.


  1. Merisi, I am speechless!

    Thank you for these incredible photos that bring such fond memories of a long ago visit. I have always adored these horses and their connection with the equestrian arts of "haute ecole".

    Sinterklaas must have whispered in your ear to take these beautiful photos on the 6th.

  2. You are welcome, Barbara! :-)

    I was turning off the main street (Graben, a pedestrian only street, like many in the center), when I remembered that I had promised you pictures of the stables and they were only a few steps away.

    As luck would have it, it was once again already dusky when I was out there. I seem to be unable to catch the few hours of sunshine we get these days. The moment I walk out the door, the sun disappears behind clouds or the fog rises from the Danube and covers everything in cottony gray light. I am actually getting a little bored by all that gray.

  3. Wonderful photos. He's a beauty!
    I'm sending your link to my uncle. He's crazy about these horses!

  4. I saw the Lippizanner Stallions when they performed in Toronto... many years ago! They were gorgeous. I've always loved horses, and used to be a horse owner and rider... and now my daughter in law owns two horses.
    Nice to know those beautiful horses have a nice christmas tree to look at. I hope there are lovely horsey presents under it!

  5. what a beautiful horse, and all these photos are stunning.

  6. Thank you for that beautiful photo of the Lippizan stallion. I have never seen them perform although they do visit from time to time.

    today's word: watch

  7. Willow,
    I hope to have soon more for you and your uncle!

    I haven't yet seen them performing.
    Did you notice the stars on the Christmas trees are made of Straw?

    Charles Gramlich,
    beautiful and such a strong yet sweet character!

    A Brush with Color,
    thank you! ;-)

    maybe you should plan a visit? ;-)


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