Thursday 20 November 2008

Viennese Excursions: The Inn River

Boat Harbour with Swans
I like gray November days
along rivers.
I captured these images
along a distributary of the river Inn,
about 50 miles before its confluence with the Danube.


  1. I don't know why I have not kept up with your last four posts, Merisi. I am a follower and usually 'on the ball'.

    I think the duck is feeling pretty silly and saying'it's too early for all this dressing up for Christmas lark'

    Your Vienna is such a beautiful place and your pictures capture it vividly.
    I love the Swan Lake balletic poses and the watercolours of the park.

  2. simply lovely. The swans look so graceful!!

  3. Stupendous images capturing the mood of a calm winter's day. I guess the boats are moored up in their winter berths.

    And don't those swans look simply devoted to each other?

  4. the sheer number of boats is overwhelming. It speaks of a pretty good population.

  5. Moannie,
    you are right about the duck! :-)

    May I confess that I love love love what I see around town?

    My Melange,
    those swans appeared like a fata morgana, so silent and graceful,
    and fast too! I could hardly take aim with my camera. ;-)

    Wandring Star,
    my father's boat used to be moored there, now my brother's.
    Yes, those swans are a lovely heartwarming sight.

    Charles Gramlich,
    these boats are owned by local fishermen, from the small farming villages near the river. Several of them are flat-bottomed ones, typical of the area, and called "Zille".

  6. Wow--these are stunning! So moody and dreamy. Fabulous photos! Those trees in the first few shots just look so ephemeral...and I love these swans ready to walk out of the water...

  7. When I saw your pictures, I thought -
    Just before the snow flies.
    Lovely as usual.

  8. Swans are my favourite of all the water birds. They add that touch of elegance. The frost on the trees provides a beautiful accent to nature.

  9. absolutely beautiful images. so still + slightly fragile. what a lovely day u captured!

  10. Always great shots... The swans are beautiful !

  11. Nice pictures, good composition and color.


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