Tuesday 25 November 2008

Rainy Morning

Rainy Morning
By the Pond in the Stadtpark
Autumn Foliage

Park Benches und Wet Leaves
Under a chestnut tree

Under the Plane Tree

Golden Ginkgo Leaves
In the Stadtpark

Melange and Hot Chocolate
Café Schwarzenberg
Kärntner Ring 17

Johann Strauss Monument
Fiddling in the Stadtpark

Photographed on the rainy morning
of Saturday, November 7, 2008

as Edda James would sing,
"At last the skies
above are blue
" again!


  1. I wonder why there's something so lovely about wet leaves.

  2. Your blog is a dream . . .

  3. How nice to sit and relax at Café Schwarzenberg on a rainy day... I am sorry you've been under-the-weather. Hope you're feeling better. (I can't believe the price of pecans in Vienna!! I'm afraid I would have to pass them by).

  4. You've capture much more than a rainy day.. you've captured a rainy mood. Lovely.

  5. I knew there had to be a nice hot drink in there somewhere. You need one in weather like this! And I love that glass of water you get with it in Austria.

  6. Your pictures of coffee and hot chocolate make me want to curl up in a warm cafe and read (and sip coffee) for hours!
    Let's do that soon. I still owe you a melange and Anna-Torte for losing that bet :-)

  7. @ Charles Gramlich: And something equally lovely about wet seats? LOL!

    I delightful portfoloio, Merisi.

  8. Quelle Autumesque!
    And you lost the Strawberries in ROME

  9. Quite different from my white world up here......

  10. Most of the leaves are gone here. And I always leave your place with a terrible craving for a wonderful cuppa.

  11. We could do with some of that rain!

  12. You make the rain look pretty and that hot chocolate...mmmmmmmm

  13. I can see where walking in wet drenched leaves in a park can lead...to a cafe for hot cocoa with whipped cream on top. How wonderful.

  14. Charles Gramlich,
    maybe it has something to do with the way they capture the light on a gray day?

    thank you! :-)

    I walked for a few hours through the rain, and quite enjoyed my meeting with an old friend over coffee and hot chocolate.
    I am feeling better today, thank you!

    it's not that I do not love sunshine, but rainy days do have a special atmosphere which I enjoy every once in a while. Especially on a Saturday morning, when I can walk around at will. ;-)

    I forgot what the bet was about! :-) Would you mind if I skip the Anna-Torte? What with Thanksgiving coming up .... ;-)

    you are quite runcible,
    so early in the morning! ;-)

    Paris Breakfasts,
    I am slowly beginning to worry about my brain: Lost strawberries in Rome? Je ne comprende pas! I always ate them, especially the wild ones from Lago di Nemi! ;-)

  15. Steph,
    my friend mentioned that it was very good, indeed! Contrary to me, she loves hot chocolate.

    nothing but a few dustings here, but further out, snow has arrived to stay.

    since the storm last week, our trees are bare too. I hope you have a can of coffee in your cupboard! ;-)

    David McMahon,
    I would love to send some of the clouds downunder! ;-I

    Rambling Woods,
    a rainy day can be qite beautiful, but if it rains too often, it looses its appeal, doesn't it?

    Barbara Martin,
    oh yes, knowing that I can direct my little feet at any time into one of these wonderful coffee places, is a comforting thought. ;-)

  16. Love your posts, photos too. Lovely:)

  17. Ah! A brisk walk among the fallen leaves in a beautiful park, your arm linked to someone you love. The faint sounds of a violin playing on the crisp autumn air, and a cup of that coffee.With your pictures, i am there.

  18. I love rains! Oh Merisi, there's something so romantic about the 2nd and 3rd photographs here!

  19. I just looked out my front window and the rain is just beginning to fall here too. Its causing the last leaves on the trees to rain down also.
    Your pictures are much more romantic than what I am seeing right now.
    I love the composition of the gold Morzart and the grey stone sculpture around him. Its very picturesque.
    Have a wonderful day Merisi.

  20. If we had such beautiful, bracing views in Detroit, I would stay in town more!

    Lovely work.

  21. Found you through David! Beautiful pics!!

    The Egel Nest

  22. Merisi,

    It's a pleasure passing by for another good look at these photographs and to convey the good news that David has chosen this post for the POTD. Congratulations.:)

  23. I can almost taste the hot café!


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