Tuesday 4 November 2008

Breakfast, Anyone?

On the Left Bank of the River Wien
The still sunless river waters
reflect the sun-kissed treetops,
like a promise that the blue morning
will turn into a golden day.

By the River Gate
The grape leaves are already basking
in the early morning sun.

A giant Milk Bottle
shows the Way
to breakfast at "Tiffany's" the "Meierei".

On the Right Bank of the River Wien
The dining room at the Steirereck's "Meierei",
tables ready laid for breakfast.

An Old-Fasioned Milk Bottle
and a small glasse vase filled with flowers
set the tone.

Egg in a Glass
Sunshine would taste like this!

Stone-Cooked Alpine Char
with avocado and tomato preserves.

A Cup of Morning Glory Tea,

This breakfast has been
brought to you
from one of Vienna's most beautiful settings
for an early meal.
Both the "Meierei" and the "Steirereck" restaurants,
one downstairs, the other upstairs,
are located above the Right Bank of the river Wien,
in the Stadtpark, a less than 15 minutes walk
from St. Stephan's Cathedral.

Bon appetit! :-)


  1. "The giant Milk Bottle" est très penchée, non ???

    Jolies photos, et bon "petit" déjeuner !

  2. Lovely - enjoyed the giant milkbottle
    and the alpine char looks delicious.
    Novel way to present eggs!

  3. Simply stunning!

    I have sometimes had trout for breakfast, but never its cousin the Alpine Char.

    The egg in a glass looks so temptational too, especially with its garnish.

  4. Ooops! I mean to add too that I love the way you have captured the reflection on the meniscus of the tea!

  5. A cup of tea sounds lovely. And such a beautiful setting to tempt me into daydreaming away the morning.

  6. How wonderful to have tasty morsels with tea and a beautiful setting.

  7. Webradio,
    I added a link to an older post, which shows the whole giant bottle. Just click on the fourth pictures, the one with the "On the Right Bank of the River Wien" title. ;-)

    Virtual Voyage,
    the name of the breakfast room, "Meierei", means "Dairy", in the oldfashioned sense, a place where you could also buy and drink milk, hence the giant bottle.

    I have yet to figure out how to peel a soft-cooked egg, and then put it in a glass without breaking it. This one was sheer perfection, and tasted like food of the gods.

  8. Wandring Star,
    this was my first breakfast with a char. ;-) Served right on the hot stone it was cooked on, and the sprouts on the egg must have been mustard or some other savory green, complimented the egg perfectly.

  9. Hexe,
    that place is definitely the place to ease yourself into the morning, so full of light, wonderful view, great food and service.

    Barbara Martin,
    it's a wonderful way to stay on the healthy side of the scale without feeling deprived ("Look, mom, I had no empty carbohydrates!" *smile*).

  10. Merisi,
    Not being a big coffee drinker, that cup of tea looks SO inviting. There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cool, sunny day with a good book or good company. Breakfast looked wonderful. I'm sorry I missed it!! :)

  11. Beautiful though it all looks, I still prefer a bowl of meusli for breakfast!

  12. I thought I had commented on your post but I guess I didn't or it disappeared into cyberspace.
    The picture of the egg is fascinating. It would have never occured to me to take that shot.
    Beautiful early morning photos and ending with the perfect cup of inviting tea.

  13. Well, that was just a delightful breakfast--thank you! Love the giant milk bottle.

  14. Love the little vase with the yellow button flowers.

  15. That egg looks too pretty eat. Glad you share your breakfast.


  16. I love the picture of th egg ! such a wonderful plate

  17. So...can we go eat there sometime??? ;-)

  18. I was searching and searching for the egg everyone was talking about... then I found it in the glass that I had thought was full of yogurt.

  19. Each and every photograph in this set is delightful! Thanks Merisi.


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