Wednesday 19 November 2008

After a Cold Night

Schönbrunn Park
Drawing you from the Westgate towards the palace,
an avenue of linden trees, with
the last golden leaves illuminated
by the still low morning sun.

The Palm House
Said to be Europe's largest,
this iron and glass construction
was erected in the years 1881-82
after designs by Franz Xaver Segenschmid.
Still impressive after more than 120 years.

The Fountain
The grass still covered by hoarfrost,
a miriad of crystals sparkling in the morning sun.

The Groundskeepers' House
The leaves of the wisteria wines
climbing the "Schönbrunner yellow" walls
are already basking in full sun
by the time I return to the gate.

Quo Vadis?
Whither goest thou?
Better yet,
how goest thou, Merisi?


Tuesday morning,
November 18, 2008,
during a cursory dereliction
off the straight path

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of Schönbrunn Park.
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  1. Thanks for doing a cursory dereliction off the straight path. I loved all the shots but the first one with the Linden tree rows in the early morning light is beautiful.
    Always an adventure coming here.

  2. Quo vadis :-)
    I like to put my best foot forwards......

    Winter and snow have come here. I am working on tomorrow's post which will be a praise for the season.

    No spesific plans for Venezia yet, hopefully in June.

  3. So winter has come to Vienna?

    The way you have caugfht the light in the fountain water is simply beauuuuuuutiful!

  4. After a cold night, a nice day, with You pretty photos...
    See You later Merisi !


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