Friday 10 October 2008

The University of Vienna

The University of Vienna
View from Mölker Bastei 8
Pasqualati House

"On 12 March 1365
Duke Rudolph IV (the “Founder”)
founded the University of Vienna,"

"Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis"
as it has been called by literary sources,
along the lines of the Sorbonne in Paris."

"It is the oldest university
in the German-speaking world
and one of the largest in Central Europe."

"Currently, about 72,000 students
are enrolled at the University of Vienna,
in more than 170 courses,
of which 52 are Bachelor Programmes.
108 Master Programmes, 7 Diploma Programmes
and 10 PhD Programmes."

Text Source:
University of Vienna


  1. Now that is a beautiful school! I would have been in absolute heaven at a university like that.

  2. Yes--what a beautiful school! I'm one of those people who could be a perpetual student and I always enjoy visiting colleges and my job is perfect for me! Thanks for the link to your chef friend who also went recently to Pike's Place market in Seattle. It is indeed a small world!

  3. What a beautiful old University. Its seems so condusive to study.
    Have a wonderful weekend Merisi.

  4. Hello !
    This school seems beautiful...
    Very great photos, also today...

    Wien ist schön !

  5. Interesting that they have more Masters programs than Bachelor programs.

    The grounds of the school really are lovely.

  6. Wow! It looks like a gorgeous place to study!

  7. You don't see many universities over here with anything like that.

  8. It would be such a privilege to go there.

  9. Beautiful.
    Makes me want to go back to college (almost).

  10. Andy student having the privilege to study in that university should feel immensely proud. Not only for the beautiful architecture but also for the undisputed international reputation of academic excellence.

  11. What a beatiful school! And how lucky to live near such a place with such history!

  12. What a grand place to be. I am always intrigued by places that bring the past into the present. They are humbling and awe-inspiring. And they remind me that life is very, very short.

  13. Oh the symmetry of that second photo there.
    You are a ruthless [and delightful] scientist with a lens.


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