Saturday 4 October 2008

Stormy Weather

Equestrian Statue
of Archduke Albrecht

Albertina Palais

"Archduke Albrecht (1817-95), the eldest son of Archduke Carl, was destined from childhood for a military career. In due course he was appointed lieutenant general, married Princess Hildegard of Bayern (1825-64) in 1843, and came into his inheritance upon his father’s death in 1847.

By introducing modern agricultural technology such as steam-powered tractors, he made a fortune from his estates in Hungary, Bohemia and Silesia. Under Archduke Albrecht’s command as field marshal, the Austrian army defeated the Italians in the Battle of Custozza in 1866. In honour of that victory, in 1899 Emperor Franz Joseph I (1830-1916) erected a monumental equestrian statue of the late archduke in front of today’s Albertina.

Archduke Albrecht oversaw the education of Crown Prince Rudolph
(1858-89) and Archduke Franz Ferdinand (1863-1914)."

Quoted from
"The Palace Residents"


  1. I love that photo, the statue against the clouds, very artistic.

    Gill in Canada

  2. The clouds gathering behind the statue almost makes one think of the gathering clouds of war.

  3. Love the silhouette against the clouds.

  4. Hello Merisi !
    Nice photo, always !

    La statue contre les nuages !
    Qui va gagner ???

    A plus tard...

  5. That is one dramatic sky behind that gent!


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