Friday 31 October 2008

Halloween in Vienna: As Scary As It Gets

I know.
He's cute, isn't he?
Scary is what's going on
in that kitchen!
There are
only 54 days left,
after all

Blue moonCow
I saw her standing alone
Without a dream in her heart
Without a love of her own
A blue mooncow's not scary?
Wait til she jumps
over the moon!

The Well-Read Duck
Not scary?
Have you noticed who's
keeping an eye on her?
Go ahead. Make my day,
click on the image!
It's not the toothfairy!

Close Encounter
This picture was not
taken with a zoom lens

So not scary?
Yeah, I was sweet enough
not to shoot the price tags!

Ready to Jump?
Far from it!
He's looking at you,

I tell you what's really scary:
I haven't bought any Halloween candy.
Not yet.

Can't decide what to get.
Some real winners,
like bite-sized Sachertortes,
or candies I would not touch with a stick?
I feel as if I were caught
between a rock candy and a hard place:
You see, last year, nobody rang our doorbell!
I got stuck with three bags of scary candy
I tossed them.

Imagine, what would have happened if I'd gone and bought
a baker's dozen of those authentic
"Echte Sachertorten", the real Sacher-Sachertortes,
in those pretty little wooden boxes?
Now that's a scary thought!

Happy Halloween!


Pictures taken yesterday,
at Demel's, Tesarik Jeweller, Berger's Buchhandlung, Michaelertor, Chanel Boutique, Palais Ferstel, and "Zum Schwarzen Kameel".


  1. Another scary thought:
    My kids reading this post.
    The always say I am so not funny.

    Enjoy the day! :-)

  2. It's "they" -
    I can't figure out how to delete my own comments. How scary. ;-)

  3. Happy Halloween Merisi.

    I am in India, far away from any Halloween celebrations, but Marta is very busy with hers back in Norway :-)

  4. Lovely pics. as usual, Merisi. How stately and elegant Vienna looks. I would be in heaven with all that sugar and cream.

    Happy door will be firmly shut and the porch light out..Well I'm thinking of those poor kids teeth.

  5. Blue Mooncow really made me giggle! Happy Halloween to you, too, Merisi! :)

  6. Wow! What an imaginative post!

    A Happy Halloween to you, Merisi

  7. Enjoyed this post, Merisi. I'd love to see Vienna at Halloween. (we will get over 150 trick-or-treaters tonight!)

  8. Great, fun shots. I have several bags of candy ready for tonight. We usually get between 60 and 100 kidlets parading by. Mostly not so scary. :)

  9. Merisi, awesome post! You're delightfully scary talent is well appreciated!

  10. Kids never think we are funny or smart until they get older. When my daughter graduated from college she said, "You and Dad really do know what you're talking about and we right about many things". STUNNED!!! I got it in writing.

    This was a very clever Halloween post and a Happy Halloween to you too.

  11. That pumpkin looks like it's melting, melting.

  12. Who is the man in the top hat? When I was in Vienna last, I saw a street performer dressed and posing like him. Is he a Viennese personage of history?

    LOVE the rubber ducky with Eastwood!

  13. How imaginative Merisi. You should have seen the grin on my face as I went through the post. Too funny. Love the blue cow thoughts.
    I buy candy that our family will eat so if there is any left over It won't be wasted..or is it waisted??? Mine!!

  14. Happy vienese halloween!

  15. Happy Halloween, Merisi! It's true--when I was small, we had soooo many kids around on Halloween night, but now, so few show up. I hate to buy "good" candies knowing I'll eat them afterwords. Actually, I'm usually gone on Halloween these days, on the road, but this year, tonight, I'm here--and we saw maybe 10 young kids...I miss them. Great images here..

  16. How much trick-or-treating actually happens there?

    It's down to just a trickle here (we're not on a 'prime' street). Plus it's cold and rainy. Only one door-ringing so far.

  17. Beautiful photos.

    Would you happen to know why the carriage horses are wearing corks in their shoes? Or is it borium for traction on the cobblestones?

  18. That is Eugen on the picture!! Ahhhh, I miss Demel...He's making powidltaschen :))


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