Thursday 11 September 2008

Viennese Escapes: Wolfgangsee

Time for a Break with a View
high above Lake Wolfgang

A young cow,
also seeking shade and respite
on a hot day.

Alpine Meadows

A children's play house

A great view
is being offered, along with utterly delicious food:
Lake Wolfgang with the Schafberg
("Sheep's Mountain")
and the town of
St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee

St. Wolfgang at Lake Wolfgang
The large white building to the right of
the church steeple is the famous
Hotel Weisses Rössl
The White Horse Hotel

Tired of hiking?
How about immersing yourself in the history of
Artists' life on Lake Wolfgang?

Under the title "Artists' life on Lake Wolfgang",
exhibitions in 14 locations around the Salzkammergut region
"will be devoted to the life and work of those creating art and culture in the area of visual arts, music, literature and film. There will also be an attempt to answer the question why Lake Wolfgang has been and continues to be a meeting place for artists from all over Austria.

The major regional exhibition will be on display from April 29 to November 2, 2008 in 14 exhibition areas, in Salzkammergut
." *)

*) Quoted from the White Horse Hotel's website.
Unfortunately, I could not find any English text
at the exhibition's official website,,
"Oberösterreichische Landesausstellung 2008".

Clicking on the images
will lead you to various
websites about the Salzkammergut Region,
even an Internationales Boogie 'n' Blues Festival! :-)


  1. what good fun!

    i clicked and followed the links
    and loved ~~shake the lake~~
    i think it was.


    wow you are certainly
    the best thing around for promoting Austria!

    2 years ago it was not even on my Must See List
    and NOW
    thanks to you...
    vienna is moving on up the line
    and is in the top 3.

    watch out, missy...

    keep this up
    i will be knocking on your door!

  2. Everytime you have pictures of this area, I am mentally back there in a second. Our visit to Wolfgangsee is by far the best trip we have taken. If only the area needed english/norwegian speaking attorneys, we'd be living there in a heartbeat!

  3. This is the second gorgous lake I've seen in my blog rounds today. Something about them just ignites my imagination.

  4. This makes me want to twirl and sing, "The hills are a-live..."

    What is the little wooden box on the fence near the cow? Is it some kind of religious icon? It's interesting.

  5. What magnificent landscapes you show us! I hope one day I get to visit--you sure make it look enticing! Such fabulous photos.

  6. I am ready to pack my suitcase and be at this lake. What a beautiful sight. My tummy is growling so I am ready to eat some fabulous food.

  7. Willow, that little box is called a Marterl. You'll find them all over the Alps, sometimes with a crucifix, as this one appears to be, others with the Madonna or other saints. People stop to pray or contemplate for a moment. It's a sweet thing, part of local color.

  8. Have a wonderful hikingtime.

  9. Oh my goodness...this is postcard perfect! The backdrop of the hills and mountains and the lake at the foreground are just breathtaking!

  10. Where is Merisi? ? ?
    Off with Heidi in the Alps or something...ahem

  11. Isn't that just gorgeous - I always love those shutters with the flower boxes beneath the windows - so gloriously folksy. And as for that lake... Sigh...

  12. How these beautiful pictures bring back memories of my time there.

    The sunset is beautiful and the autumn leaves.


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