Monday 1 September 2008


It seems these luminous days
will never end.

The city,
which was almost empty during August,
now is filling up again.

It is
being replenished.

The restaurants
are all reopening, the shops.

People are coming back
from the country, the sea,

from trips on roads
all jammmed with cars.

Quoted from
James Salter's novel
"A Sport and a Pastime"

31 August 2008
Esplanade-Café Zauner
Café & Pastry Shop
Bad Ischl


  1. Yes, please,
    go ahead and click on the images! ;-)

    A month full of luminous days
    to all of you,

  2. Ah! September! September! The month of the equinox, the tipping point of the year...

    Once again, what superb images...

  3. Your opening photo is magnificent!

    Happy September! :)

  4. Incredible depth. Clarity.
    Every photo, a story. And this is what good photography, is.
    -- Cheers.
    -- Cip

  5. September is one of my favorite months - so gentle and lovely.
    Beautiful images - as ever.
    The flowers below are so luscious and bold.
    I will be in England next month - my first English autumn for ages.

  6. That coffee looks good! In fact I'm just off to the deli with my nephew, his wife and wee daughter for coffee and cake now!

  7. Seattle Boy,
    may be my favorite month,
    whith summer still tangible,
    yet a crispness in the air,
    if only time would stand still.

    thank you,
    same to you too! :-)

    thank you,
    you are so very kind! :-)

    may your visit be a wonderful one!
    I do miss the golden days of late summer and autumn on the East Coast, though.

    Mme. Llama,
    the coffee is superb at Zauner's,
    as is the strawberry cream slice! The baked to a crisp, yet melt on the tongue mille-feuille pastry, filled with strawberries and the lightest possible pastry and cream mixture, with the sugar glazing on top adding an intense strawberrry flavour, and just a mere whisper of tartness .... heaven! :)

  8. so well written yet again with lovely pics.
    The late August light is special and so different form the light of Spring.

  9. Ah yes!! It's September and I move my desk back in front of the window. Bring on the color leaves.


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