Saturday 27 September 2008

Leopoldstadt Neighborhood


Hardware Store
Does anyone remember the
Hardware Store on McArthur Blvd & Goldsboro Road
in Bethesda, Maryland?

I do,
every time I walk by or
through this door.

Tabac Trafic
Austrian newsstand species:
All the tobacco you'll ever need,
and newspapers to boot.

Neighborly encounters

Runs the entire gamut,
from Indian DVDs to "Fashion from Paris",
cold beer to international phone cards.


Night Owls, Beware!
Coming up:
Lange Nacht der Museen
The Long Night of the Museums
Saturday, October 4th


September 27, 2008
in the Second District




  1. Bonsoir Merisi...
    On se ballade facilement avec Toi, et toutes Tes photos...
    Elles sont jolies en plus...
    A bientôt.

  2. Ah! A hardware store with display! Haven't seen that in years!

  3. I have fond memories of the hardware store when I was young! The creak of the hardwood floors and the mixed smells of auto grease and metal.

  4. Webradio,
    merci, vous êtes très aimable!

    imagine, I have found more than one of these oldfashioned hardware stores already, here in Vienna! The people who work there are so very helpful and knowledgable too. I hope the Viennese people hold on to these treasures, and continue to shop there.

    I remember one particular hardware store, from when I was a very little girl. I imagined it to be a pirates' cavern, so many treasures to discover there, a truly magical place! It was located on the groundfloor of an 18th century building. Nowadays, a contemporary furnished café that offends the taste is located there.


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