Thursday 3 July 2008

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

Mountain High Coffee
High above Lake Hallstatt
Upper Austria

Sky Watch Friday
Stop in at Tom's at "Wiggers World"
for more Sky Watch pictures!


  1. Thank you for being a part of this weeks Sky Watch.. I and other really appreciate your posting...
    Thank you

    Your pictures are stunning..

  2. Love all these pics, but especially love the coffee pic (adore coffee) and the reflections in the building are totally magical!

  3. The cloudy sky pictures are lovely, but my favorite is the sculpture wiht its reflections.

  4. Wow, Merisi. These are wonderful. That coffee picture is fantastic.

  5. Merisi: How I love those last to shots of the lake valley.

  6. Stunning photography. I so enjoy your style.

  7. I really, really like the last two!

  8. Being a nature lover, my favourite are the ones with the Lake Hallstatt. Your photography is admirable.

  9. great set of photos the last couple have some beautiful landscaping

  10. Anonymous04 July, 2008

    Hey, I came back. I like this set of photos for SWF even better than the other group I saw.

    Thanks too for popping over to my place and for the generous comment you left me.

    Have yourself a great day. Eat a lot of good food and smile when you wallet never runs on empty.

  11. old wom tigley:
    Thank you!
    Thank you also for hosting Sky Watch, I enjoy it greatly!

    greyscale territory:
    That cup of coffee is yet another proof that in Austria one can find coffee in the most remote places! ;-)
    I loved that mirrored sculpture high up in the sky, walking around it gives you the most stunning views.

    Yes, I share your opinion, that sculpture is magical.

    Thank you,
    I enjoy having coffee in the most remote places. ;-)

    fishing guy:
    That lake and its valley are sheer magic. The Hallstatt Period (the early European Iron Age, 8th to 6th centuries BC) takes its name from that lake, and the Celtic people who lived around this lake then.

  12. photowannabe:
    Thank you! :-)

    Thank you,
    and yes, that lake is a very rewarding subject!

    Thank you!
    I enjoyed having a cup of coffee with that stunning view immensely.

    lilli & nevada:
    Thank you!
    I agree, fantastic landscape there. ;-)

    Abraham Lincoln:
    Thank you for your kind comment,
    and your wishes. I shall try my best to live up to them! ;-)

  13. Creative entry for skywatch… all I can say is that “you’ll be the sun in somebody else’s sky”…LoL! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by…

  14. Very interesting how you've done these gorgeous images.

  15. Brilliant photos as usual! Like Greyscale I love the coffee pic.

  16. Anonymous04 July, 2008

    What a lovely view to go with the coffee - I love both and you've captured the essence so well.

    I used to live just out side Washington, DC, too - perhaps we unknowingly crossed paths in the course of our lives there.

  17. Love that cuppa latte....

  18. Nice to get a new Sky from elsewhere. Your mountains pictures looks like the one in North Italy,. Very refresching.
    The reflection on the mirror are great Art!

  19. Beautiful and so tasty looking!
    I love the coolness of the mountains and the lake.
    Hot and so humid at my house, even so I want my coffee!

  20. Lovely photos. That second one with the reflecting boxes is fascinating. Coffee looks good too.

  21. Lovely - as usual.

    Happy 4th Merisi - hope you aren't missing home too badly! My daughter and I are headed for "Rib Fest" and then fireworks - I'm sure you miss the ones in DC.

  22. I was just preparing a coffee photo for CLICK. I will post it this week. I love your Mountain High Coffee.

  23. Anonymous05 July, 2008

    Dear Merisi,
    I would drink coffee with you everywhere!! But especially here on the mountaintop in Salzkammegut!
    Plus, who could resist that little man on the cup?
    Thanks for your visit. You brightened my fourth!! Always a pleasure to see what you're up to.

  24. Great photos, still trying to see all the sky watch photos on Tom's blog.

  25. Like paintings from an Old Master's brush...


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