Sunday 8 June 2008

At Last

At Last

The Waiting Days

Are Over

The Time Has Come
To Leave The Deck Chairs

For A Last
Cup Of Coffee

And Here

We Are

In Heaven

The Skies Above

Are Almost Blue

We Found A Dream

A Dream
That Lets Our Hearts Sing

A Thrill

To Put A Bet On

Oh, Yeah, At Last
A Spell Was Cast

The Games Are Here
At Last!

Photographed last night
along Vienna's Football Fan Mile


  1. Tired of Soccer/Football?
    Klick any of the first few images!

    Wherever you are,
    and whatever you may be up to today,
    I wish you all a wonderful Sunday! :-)

  2. And not an English flag in sight! What a disaster!

  3. Anonymous08 June, 2008

    Hi dear Merisi.
    I was going to send you a message asking how lovely Wien is doing these days. Then I checked your blog first and see that it must be doing perfect!

    I've been constantly on the raod or in my garden the past week, so I've had no time to visit blogs. Good to be back again.

  4. Brilliant images from a (hopefully) brilliant tournament.

    I'm glued already (to the TV that is!)

    Hope it all goes smoothly - wish I was there!!!


  5. MAALIE:
    I guess the English simply did not want to cross the Channel, quite a letdown for the rest of Europe!

    (The singer is Etta Jones, btw, and not Ella!)

    Oh yeah, Vienna is alive and kicking, and I am coming up for air every now and then, sort of have to pencil it in to get the time for it, though. ;-)
    I hope you get to enjoy many a day at your beautiful cabin!

  6. GARY:
    Thank you,
    we all hope that all those fans out there are going to have a jolly good time, no matter which teams win!

  7. SPORTS?! I thought Vienna was such a cerebral city . . .

  8. But now that I've clicked through on the photos . . . it seems long-awaited . . .

  9. I have been watching from the comfort of my living room, when resting from packing boxes, and must say the games look brilliant!

  10. What a perfect post! This is all so exciting! I am getting out into the fan masses today to try and get my questionnaires filled out. Can't wait to be in the midst of this all. Love the post!!!

  11. Keep up the footie pictures. All we see on TV is the full stadia, as a veteran of many footall tournaments (as a fan) Euros 1992,96,2000,2004 and World Cup 1998. I love to see all the fans and the paraphenalia that goes along with tournaments like this.

    It's just a shame it wasn't practical for us to make it this time. It doesn't matter that England didn't qualify.

  12. Anonymous10 June, 2008

    Happy week Merisi and...good match!

  13. Anonymous10 June, 2008


    Wow, loved your little photo story ;)

  14. The year the Brazilians won they went roaring down my street in open cars, doing the samba!
    what dance will they do in Wien?

  15. TUT-TUT:
    Oh, they do love a good soccer game, and they have more than one hometown team! ;-)

    C'EST MOI:
    I must confess that I also rather watch it from home, but the time I spent amidst the crowds, cheering on their teams, was a lot of fun too.

    Yep, it can become addivte.
    I love that there are so many friendly, cheerful people from all over Europe around.

    Too bad you didn't make it to Vienna, it really is a more than interesting experience.

    Not the Austrians. ;-)
    I put a score board up, I hope it helps to keep you up to date.

    Thank you!

    Long awaited by many,
    long dreaded by some people.
    I quite enjoy it. ;-)

    This is the "European" Cup, not the World Cup, so not Brazilians around this time. Rome used to be deserted during World Cup games, but as soon as the game was over, the tifosi would emerge in their cars and with their noisemakers, and whatnot, and cause quite a racket and traffic come to a complete standstill for some time afterwards.


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