Sunday 4 May 2008

Sunday Breakfast


  1. You may double click the picture. ;-)
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. What an evocative post. It could make even a King feel wistful.

  3. OHOH is that French Toast? I LOVE French toast...Sundays are best for it...I always give mine a sprinkle of nutmet and cinnomon...using cream instead of milk...crisp bacon I have to go start cooking, you made me hungry!

  4. Did you make breakfast?
    Love the Jim Croce song.

  5. Sunday morning is our big breakfast morning, too. That's when everyone is usually home. But you've inspired me. Next time I'm going to pay attention to the presentation more. We all sit at the table together but I don't "prepare" the table ahead of time. Color, centerpiece, maybe even cloth napkins (I have tons of them but never use them!). Lesson learned today......always look for the art in's in the small things!

  6. Anonymous04 May, 2008

    I wish I were there! I learned "bussi" from my other Austrian friend Angelika. ;-)

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  7. LOL - and yesterday I took a shot of D tucking into his eggs benedict. Food makes for such great subject matter!

  8. Thank you Merisi for reminding me of
    Jim Croce. I love the song 'Time In A Bottle' so very much!

  9. what a wonderful blog - just recently discovered.

    your photographs are beautiful, truly good enough to eat!

    visit me in Munich when you have the time :)

  10. You set a very inviting table merisi.

  11. yes she does! I cooked tuna steaks with lime on the BBQ- not too bad!

  12. Oooooooooooooooooo
    I'll have what she's having !

  13. You make my innards gurgle.
    My palette salivate!
    Now just now, but always.
    I want to BE at these tables, dammit!

  14. @ Maalie:

    @ Sandi McBride:
    Yes, French Toast with sausages and New England maple sirup. ;-)

    @ Gemma:
    I like to cook breakfst on Sundays.
    The best part is the first bite followed by a sip of Earl Grey, then lingering around the table, when time stands still.

    @ Allie:
    I am a believer in savouring the small things, setting the table is one of these everyday gestures that can set the mood for the day.

    @ Paz:
    I would have to ask you to bring along some of these delicious little breakfast sausages that Whole Foods makes. I am also at my last bottle of New Enlgnad maple sirup. *smile*

  15. @ Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah):
    Although I love poached eggs, I have never tried to make Eggs Benedict. I haven't seen Thomas' English Muffins around here either. I have to go look at your photo! ;-)

    @ Maria:
    I was meeting a friend from my very young years yesterday (go see the "Late Sixties Photographs by
    Christian Skrein" at the Wien Museum, open only for another few days, if you like photography!), and only then did I realise that she was the one you once gave me a tape with this song. We were both living in Rome then.

  16. @ stephanie levy :
    Welcome and thank you! :-)

    @ c*est moi:
    Thank you! :-)

    @ Simon:
    That would have been a perfect late lunch on these shores too! ;-)

  17. @ Parisbreakfasts:
    You will, you will! ;-)
    Have you noticed that my place mats would be a perfect setting for for a Kaffeeklatsch with Pierre Herme's Ispahan macarons? ;-)))

  18. @ Cipriano:
    How about a plane ticket and a bottle of Canadian Maple Sirup? ;-)

  19. Breakfast at your place. Nice.

    What a truly great surprise when I clicked on the picture. I don't know that song (a few years before my time ;) ), but it's a wonderful song. Found this quote from Jim Croce on wikipedia:

    "If you dig it, do it. If you really dig it, do it twice."

  20. Andrea Veloux:
    Thank you for digging up that Jim Croce quote, I agree with it a 100%! ;-)
    I know this song thanks to a friend, who's a fan of Jim Croce. I have loved it, ever since I listened to it for the first time.


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