Wednesday 14 May 2008

Suddenly Summer

Aiming to Capture
the moment when ...

The Summer Wind
came blowin in -
from across the sea

It Lingered There,
so warm and fair

Two Macarons,
and a Melange,
in the summer wind

The Morning's Papers There,
all but forgot' and blown away,
by the summer wind ...

And Who Will Dream
of coffee laced
with iced cream,
through summer days that never end:
My sweet friend,
the summer wind ...

I Wished this Dream Would Never End
and this Streetcar
would not be the "D"esire,
stopping at the Belvedere,
to take me home,
sweet irony,
with the summer wind.


Clicking any of the images
will bring you Frank Sinatra,
singing "The Summer Wind"

All images photographed
this afternoon
between 5 and 6pm
at Belvedere Palace
and Dommayer's Café,
under a blue sky and
temperatures in the eighties
(29° Celsius)


  1. Beautiful words and images, Merisi - a wonderful post!

  2. Anonymous14 May, 2008

    I can feel your warm and flirtatious summer wind.

    Ice cold rain is visiting us.

  3. Oh My GOD...I could hear the dulcet tones of Frankie while I was looking at the pictures and the tune will be in my head the rest of the day. I love the tune, so it's okay...a little whistle now, the summer wind....

    Thank you! :-)

    I hope warmer winds visit you soon!
    I had spent a good hour photographing the most beautiful alpine flowers at the Alpine Garden of the Belvedere, when I walked by that tourist with his camera on a tripod and the waiter decking the tables. On my home I met L. at Dommayer's, where she likes to sit in the garden these days, studying and getting some fresh air at the same time.

    Aren't you glad I didn't put "Melancholy in September" in your ear? *giggle* Or the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

  5. Great theme with the wind, the photos are excelent and enjoyed the info.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

  6. lovely pictures - and a summer wind indeed with those temperatures! we are up to 16C! and basking in the sunshine!

  7. Thank you for your vist and lovely comments..

    Your photos are just amazingly is can almost feel the summer wind...

  8. That first shot is a classic. Great composition.

    I wonder why he was using a tripod!

  9. IMAC:
    You are welcome,
    and thank YOU for your kind words! :-)

    I see you are upward bound! :-)

    I enjoyed my visit very much, thank you!

    Thank you! I couldn't resist capturing this dedicated photographer. He was aiming at the beautiful girl that accompanied him. Maybe that's the reason he needed the tripod to steady his hand? ;-)

  10. the little bird is to die for !It is such a cute picture

  11. Melanie:
    That guy looked me straight in the eye! ;-)))

  12. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    pic 1: beats looking up a skirt.

    pic 2: look, the wind is 'helping him' lay that linen.

    over all: delicious.

    Mmmmm: I love that word 'streetcar'.

  13. Sally in London:
    I agree!!! :-)

    I always use "streetcar" - love the sound of it and the imagery. The Viennese call them "Straßenbahn" (streettrain) or, even more prosaic, the "Bim" (no idea where that comes from, maybe because of the noise those streetcars make when they approach, beembeem?).

  14. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    . . . and I so wish we had them.

    Bim, bim, bim

    I wonder if we could arrange for one to be sent over to our new Mayor?

    Mind you, we could lay some track and put up some overheads and then all we'd have to do is change the wheels on our bendy buses. Mmmmm.

    London could then be (almost as) clean and beautiful as Vienna.

  15. SALLY of LONDON,
    I shall try to gather a portfolio of romantic bim images, to better illustrate why London needs one too, beside the ecological reasons. ;-)

  16. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    Excellent, my dear.

    I know where he lives

    and I certainly know how to gatecrash while elegantly holding a handful of Merisi's beautiful images.


  17. Anonymous15 May, 2008

    (PS: sorry to sideline the blog conversation onto urban transit like this. Imo it's partly what blogs are about: the exchange of ideas; the celebration of function. But I do not mean to divert attention and comment away from your lovely pics, Merisi and everyone. PPS: Pic 2 reminds me of a stage set - 'curtain up'.)

  18. The macarons look PERFECT !
    More please :)

  19. Wonderful pictures and words. I can nearly feel the warm summerwind.

  20. Anonymous16 May, 2008

    A lovely marriage of picture and prose.

    And I, too, am tipping my hat to David -- though I would have followed your link at my place anyway.

  21. Sally Crawford from London:
    Oh Sally! Don't worry, I love being sidelined, especially onto urban transit tracks. :-))) I see my pics as a mode to open a conversation, it is wonderful when this happens, thank you for taking part in it! :-)

    Pic 2 reminds me of a stage set - 'curtain up':
    I was on my way out of the park when I noticed the scene, at the back staircase leading to the Upper Belvedere Palace, only steps away from the tripod photographer. ;-)

    (So you know where "he" lives - very interesting tidbit that!!! *grin* Has anybody told Colm Toibin or David Lodge yet? There may be sequels to their novels then! *g*)

  22. ParisBreakfasts:
    But I want to be thin! ;-)

    Marja :
    It was the summer wind
    that made me feel silly .... ;-)

    Thank you,
    I had fun playing with both. ;-)

  23. Beautiful shots of today, posted right away, and enjoyed by so many already - how cool is that!

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations. :)

  24. I'm so glad you got a special mention in David's post! So deserved, this is one of my favorites of yours Merisi!

  25. 80's in May! Amazing.

    And another beautiful entry, of course.



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