Tuesday 29 April 2008

Invitation to a Voyage

White and purple Flieder
invite you in

To pull up a chair

And join the conversation

The warm glow
of a Fazzoletto lamp

yellow and orange tulips

Stacks of plates and bowls
to be filled with ambrosia

Bone china cups
sitting on the shelf,
dreaming of being filled with
fragrant teas from the Orient

A girl
in a flowerprint summer dress
standing on tiptoe,
peaking over a fence

Getting lost in a book
or ready to leave, and
endless possibilities
in between


Café der Provinz
8th District


  1. Just the place I'd love to settle in, for the afternoon . . .

  2. Looks like a good place to sit down and spend some time writing poetry.


  3. Hmm. I love how rustic that place looks. I agree with the two previous comments. It does look like quite a cozy, quiet place to have a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

  4. @ tut-tut:
    It is also lovely to spend time there in the evening. I took the photos during the early evening hours.

    @ Cathy:
    I agree. Can you make out the piano and the books in the back of the room? The people who run this wonderful place also publish books under the "Verlag der Provinz" label.

    @ Ann (mobaydp):
    Yes, the rooms are filled with furniture that bespeak a sense of loving attention to create a simple, yet beautifully welcoming atmosphere.

  5. very beautiful as always

  6. Hi Merisi, I do love the specific atmosphere of your pictures...
    Never been to Café der Province but it looks very inviting!
    I also love your post on "Roter Berg" with the Heurigen "Wildsau". Wonderful panorama there, and I remember a sommer evening with friends and delicious food (Schweinsbraten mit Sauerkraut) last year.
    Best regards, Maria

  7. I can imagine the smell of the Flieder!

  8. Thank you for having made me travelled ...what a worderful invitation

  9. Thank you for having made me travelled ...what a worderful invitation

  10. The journey always leads with warmth to Wien...city of light and friendship.

    Thanks Merisi for pointing me to another unknown cafe, to add to my list!

  11. You're the one who finds the endless possibilities and captures them so perfectly!

  12. What gorgeous photos. I've just discovered your blog and I'm hooked!


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