Monday 7 April 2008

Capricious April

Dark Clouds
stealing the light
Mariahilfer Strasse

Bird Ready to Soar

Palm Trees
and Hermès yellow tie:
Promise of summer?
Puzzle on Graben

Windows Wide Open
Shut by the next windgust
Lange Gasse

Basking in the Sun
Blooming tree

Reflections of Spring
Doll's Florist
Lange Gasse

Spring Flowers
Doll's Florist
Lange Gasse

Pink Blossoms
against the evening sky

Leaves of Fleur de Lis
Illuminated by the last rays of
the evening sun.

Promising buds:
Sunnier days ahead!


  1. Wunderschön! Der Flieder ist hier auch so weit :-)

  2. I like the picture of the buds, yes warmer times are coming.

    Thé menthe is served over at my place!

  3. The tumult of spring! Love those mirrored vases.

  4. Hi Merisi,
    I've been out-of-town and missed your recent posts. They are so inspirational! So beautiful! Is Himmelpfortgasse a private residence?

    Eileen (passions to pastry)

  5. @ Bulgariana:
    Dies ist der Flieder unter unserer Wohnung (im 13.), bei der Augartenbrücke im 2. Bezirk sind die Knospen schon dicker.

    @ Andre Veloux:
    Lilac bloom is a special time here, it is as if the whole city turns into a lilac cloud.

    @ Seamus:
    Don't those vases remind you of the disco balls of the Seventies? ;-)

    @ Eileen:
    Himmelspfortgasse is a small street near St. Stephen's cathedral ("Gasse" meaning "small street", "Himmelspforte" = Heaven's Gate Lane). Most of the beautiful houses and palaces are private.

  6. For us, it was nice to experience the tumultous spring as it is already warm here. I am sure that you are certainly ready for the buds to sping open with color and some warmer weather.

  7. Beautiful and breathtaking, as always!

  8. @ Hexe:
    A warm spell is nearing our shores! ;-)

    @ Sara:
    Thank you! :-)

  9. love these viennese flowers


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