Sunday 30 March 2008

Sunday Morning in Yellow and Celeste

Yellow and Blue
Mistletoe all dressed
up in yellow spring fashion.
Looking up on my way
to the bakery
on Sunday morning

Yellow Daffodil and Blue Cow
That's what I encountered
after turning the corner.

Breakfast with Johann Strauss
Café Dommayer
Unperturbed by the landing
of the cow from the moon,
an early bird
enjoying breakfast
in the morning sun

€1 Breakfast Coffee
Walking past three cows,
one red, one blue, one brown,
newly opened
très chic Mario's,
tempting me with this
almost irresistible offer

Coffee in Yellow and Blue
Felber's Bakery,
a few steps down from Dommayer's.
Borrowed image - not my coffee
(Oh yes, I did ask
for permission
before I pushed the shutter release button!)

Each of the images reveals
more Viennese breakfast fare,
if you click on them twice.


Photographed this morning
in the 13th District,
at the intersection of
Hietzinger Hauptstrasse, Lainzer Strasse
and Aufhofstrasse,
two minutes from
Schönbrunn's Hietzing exit.


  1. I never knew that Mistletoe had yellow blossoms in spring!!!


  2. Finding the blue cow and the daffodils when you were out for those colours - what fun.

  3. This may sound conflicting but I love the rich simplicity of your shots.
    Beautiful as always. Almost makes me wish I drank coffee :-)

  4. @ Barbara:
    It did not look for those colours! :-)
    I took but seven pictures on the way to the bakery, a couple hundred steps, and it was sheer serendipity that six of them had some blue and some yellow. I hadn't even planned about posting until I realized that the pictures I had shot earlier in the morning near the airport would take me too long to weave into a post. Most of my posts happen this way. ;-)

  5. @ smilnsigh:
    I didn't know either! ;-)
    I am not even sure if the tiny yellow leaves are indeed blossoms. I tried to educate myself on the web and found one site with a picture that seems to confirm my hunch: click here, please (while this website, Magia Luna, Herbst and Roots, does not show a flowering plant, it offers some interesting facts and stories about mistletoe in general).

  6. Misteln haben laut wikipedia unscheinbare gelbgrüne Blüten. Wobei man nicht vergessen darf, die Pflanze selbst ist ein Schmarotzer und wenn man Blüten erkennen will, muss man den Mistelbuschen in Großaufnahme sehen.
    Hier interessantes Anschauungsmaterial:

  7. Lilly:
    Lieben Dank!

    (Lilly confirms that mistletoe does indeed have tiny yellowish, inconspicuous flowers, as seen in this picture - Thank you, Lilly!)

  8. Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah):
    Thank you. :-)
    I resisted all temptation and went home to brew a big pot of Earl Gray.

  9. I just love these armchair tours you give! Complete with tea at the sidewalk cafe. What more could I ask for!

  10. certainly worth waiting or, sugar! thank you! *hugs* xoxox

  11. Milky coffee in a yellow cup!
    (I'm very particular about the colour of the cups my beverages come in - I can never drink tea from a black cup??!!)

  12. Gorgeous photos! I'm sorry I've been absent lately - have been missing your beautiful photos and tours, but preoccupied with the never-ending series of guests! xo

  13. Love yellow and blue color together. Nice photos Merisi!

    Have a nice weeke ahead!

  14. another good start to my day, wondering through your images,
    thank you...


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