Monday 24 March 2008

Easter Monday

St. Marx Biedermeier Cemetery
Final resting place of W. A. Mozart
3rd District


Clicking on the last picture
will lead you to
Incurable Insomniac's blog
about myths and facts regarding
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life and death.


  1. I'd never seen Mozart's grave! Beautiful photos for Easter Monday.

  2. Merisi:

    So nice of you to stop by over at my place again. I should come here more often. You always have such lovely things to look at.


  3. The memorial stone looks so new. Is this the original stone?

  4. tut-tut:
    Thank you.
    If you scroll back to last Saturday's "Eternal Spring" post and following the links (by clicking on the pictures), you'll find more photos of the Mozart memorial site.

    You are welcome!

    No, this is not the original stone. The original wooden grave marker was lost not too long after he got buried there. A memorial plaque was placed on the spot most likely to have been the burial site. The memorial in the photo has been erected more recently.

  5. It is a very pretty graveyard. There is a very interesting in Paris with of very hurdy-gurdies tombs there. " Le père Lachaise "... You know?
    And then, I like the old English graveyards in spring...

    No, no..... I am not nécrophage..... Nor nécrophile....:)

  6. Beautiful.


  7. What beautifully photographs. You have captured the spirit.

  8. What sublime beauty in your pics of St. Marx...

    Thank you SO much Merisi for sharing these..I have tried so many times to get to those graves when visiting Wien, and always time has been against me. Now I know I must really plan it for next visit!

    Such evocative and reflective pictures,and so clear..

  9. Do angels moult, do you think?

  10. You take the loveliest photographs, such an eye for detail and poetic composition Merisi. The coffee post made me lust for coffee and chocolate like I can't tell you!

  11. There is something so quiet and beautiful about cemetaries.


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