Saturday 2 February 2008

Macarons, Macarons!

Raspberry, Pistacchio,
Lemon, and Coffee flavour
Macarons Parisiens
Gerstner K & K Hofzuckerbäcker
Pâtissiers, Café Konditorei
Kärntner Straße 11-15

on January 31, 2008

And yes,
I ate 'em all!

More macarons?
Click yourself over to Carol Gilott's
"Paris Breakfasts"
and indulge
in a virtual feast
of her macarons and more
"Paris Dreams" paintings!

Clicking here
will lead you to Ladurée,
inventors of
the double-decker macaron.


  1. I know everyone raves about these, but they look so . . . unnatural, with their paintbox colors. What do they taste like??

  2. LOL. How did you manage to make a tower like this :-)

  3. How on earth did you balance them so perfectly merisi?

    Between your macarons and carol's miniature madness I'm feeling desperately deprived! :-D

  4. tut-tut:
    They never attracted my attention, for much the same reasons, the unnatural looking colors, and then I am not into these kinds of sweets. However, that was b. C. (before Carol). Ever since I first laid eyes on Carol's macaron paintings, there seem to sprout fresh macarons in every pastry shop here in Vienna. I have tasted a few of them for, as Carol likes to point out, strictly research purposes: Gerstner's are among the top two, right after a tiny new pastry shop opened by "Zum Schwarzen Kameel", which wins hands-down for taste and looks, and not only because they do not seem to use any artificial coloring. This is of course my personal opinion only. Many more samples would have to be tested, er, tasted, some blind tests organized, with scientific rigor, you know, the whole sheebang. Oh well, one of those days .... ;-)

  5. Britt-Arnhild:
    I can tell you this:
    The waitresses were all smiling while I was playing Lego with their macarons. Later I realized that for their shop window displays, Gerstner used, very Martha Stewart style, a glue gun! Maybe I'll carry one with me from now on, to build even higher towers. ;-)

  6. ann (mobaydp):
    Perfect balance? *g*
    One of these days I'll attempt to make some of my own, if it works, I'll send you the recipe, if this is some comfort for you. ;-)

  7. I have someone standing over my shoulder wanting to know why I don't prepare him some of these tasty macaron's (macaroons?) Hey, he's lucky I baked him a biscuit and put some lovely ham and egg on it....what's he want from me? So, you lived in the DC area? As a child (about a million years ago) I lived on Reservoir Avenue off Fox Hall Drive...went to Our Lady of Victory Catholic School...any of that ring a bell? Wouldn't it have fun had we been neighbors? You could teach me how to cook fancy...I could just Thanks for coming by to see me, I feel like we're neighbors already!

  8. Sandi,
    we would have practically been neighbors! Does Weaver Terrace/Nebraska-Loughboro Ave ring a bell? Our Lady of Victory, of course, the old movie house right down the street on McArthur Blvd (now sadly a People's Drug or CVS, as it is called now).

  9. Like the "Laakronen" from Kurkonditorei Oberlaa, too. They come in such cute boxes for home.

  10. I'm not sure about the color but they look like they're worth a taste test. So does that homemade puppenkrapfen! Hope the gnome moves fast.

  11. A ravishing photo. Delicate cookies in a delicate balance. Delicious.

    Now I'm salivating for macarons parisiens.

  12. You and Britt are on the same wave length, now off to visit Carol!!!

  13. vanmiracle:
    Oh yes! I once had them pack three or four in the smallest box, just do be able to collect them. Have you seen the boxes at the Schwarzen Kameel? All black lacquer look, with gold lettering.

    I will have to investigate about the colors, it would be amazing if they didn't use food color. The Puppenkrapfen contains no artificial ingredient whatsoever, and the gnome moves fast indeed! :-)

    I have set myself an even higher goal for the future, perfect technique included. ;-)

    I am sure you catch some great images at Carol's!

  14. I saw those same macaroons on Britt's blog. They look fun and delicious.

  15. Such a charming, delicious post! I'm imagining all those flavors...Happy Days ((HUGS))

  16. Between you and Carol, I am not goign to be happy until I can find somewhere locally that sells these to try them for myself! (Or maybe I'll just have to travel abroad again...) :-)

    Yum, yum, yum...

  17. WOW!
    Some balancing act and you did it in public WITH NO NET!!!
    I have never tried this I am ashamed to say...


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