Friday 25 January 2008

On Trying To Be A Good Parent

Very precious image

Isn't it wonderful
when your teenager allows you to treat her to lunch?
Well, yes, sometimes they do get hungry.
(For the record: I do not have a teenager in the house!!)

You may even accompany her to a museum exhibition
(by sheer luck, SHE LOVES ART!).

Would-be Cerberus
Cautionary note:
If you are out with your 13+,
do not, I repeat: do not! not ever!,
stop and take pictures
or try to engage in other embarrassing activities
with your teenager by your side

Photographed in the privacy of my home.
No teenager was embarrassed while taking this picture.

Have a great weekend! :-)


  1. Recycled post, once again.
    I posted this a year ago, on January 20th, 2007. My lovely teenager has grown into a lovely and very supportive one as far as my photography is concerned.
    Aren't the wee ones wonderful? :-)

  2. Very cute entry... Ahhhh yes, teen agers. I have them as Grands now. :-)


  3. Wait until your teenager reaches 16; it gets much better!

  4. I use to tell mine it was in the parent's handbook to embarrass them as often as possible! I think it had to do with preparing them for when their children embarrassed them? Hmm, maybe it was when they embarrassed me. Yea, that was it :)

  5. That Schnitzel looks so good...

  6. That stuff coated in batter (fish?) looks very slimming...

  7. um the size that only Vienna makes! Kalb of course?

    best wishes!

  8. smilnsigh:
    I love my teenager, I love all my kids at any stage!

    Delicate question.
    I wrote 13+ ("plus"), not wanting to reveal her true age. *wink*
    I am used to a house of teenagers, and they are they best and brightest people one can have around. I like to tease them, though (they read my blog).

    Very good maneouvre! :-)))
    The Washington Post sportswriter Tony Kornheiser once wrote a column about his teenage daughter's soccer games. He was allowed to chauffeur her to the game, but had to drop off before the gate, and then during the game he had to pretend he didn't know her. I am still smiling about the way he told it as it is. ;-)

    Steph Waller:
    I was very good, my daughter says. Photographed "on location" at Cafe' Mozart on Albertinaplatz. ;-)

    Yes, you are right. :-))

    Now I am hungry!

  9. I can't believe you actually have TULIPS!!!
    how come?
    Very in fact

  10. Forgive me, but I laughed so hard when I read this post. After many many embarrassing moments at the hands of my own children I have fianally reached that golden age and am a grandmother. I informed allof them children and grandchildren alike that now that I have reached 58 I can do and say what I please and there is no point in being embarrassed, because I won't care. They may however, excuse my words and actions by shrugging and saying she is old and we can no longer control her..... lol

  11. Merisi~
    Your thoughts on teenagers make me smile. I have a charming 16 year old daughter who challenges us now and again but is blooming into quite a lovely young lady. And the of my fondest memories of Vienna. My husband and I had the schnitzel at Figelmullers in Vienna....they were the size of hubcaps!! Unbelieveable!!!

  12. I come back to this loving and funny post again and again - especially that cerberus expression, so well known to all of us survivors of our teens moods. And today, this portrait of THEM came up on one of my subscriptions:

  13. lol! this is good.. I was a youth leader for my church for a time.. and even though I don't have kids of my own, I "pwnd" them.. or, they "pwnd" me?!
    Anyway, this made me laugh. :-)


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