Thursday 24 January 2008

Between Dream and the First Cup of Tea


  1. These images have been posted for the first time a year ago. I took the liberty of republishing them.
    I hope you don't mind.
    Have a great day!

  2. The tulip heads are like coloured lights. :))

    Thank you, have a great day as well Merisi.

  3. I am sorry for the missing images on my previous posts. Photobucket warned me yesterday that I am close to exceeding the free storage limit.
    To make sure nothing untoward happens to my images, I deleted several photos that I had stored at the Photobucket site, but not used on my blog. Photobucket's reaction? Blocking all my images!

    Anyway, before all this disaster happened this morning, I had already purchased enough storage space from Picasa (the site where I kept my photos before switching, unfortunately, to Photobucket). All I have to do now is wait and see when Picasa will give me the go-ahead to upload my photos. Until then my friends, I am sorry that you have to look at the empty pages.

    As for Photobucket, may I state emphatically that I cannot recommend their services.

  4. Well, this is the first time seeing these tulips for me; I'm sorry the photo hosting service is not going well! What about Flickr? Others seem to use that without any problems.

  5. tut-tut,
    I have worked with Picasa before, and they offer excellent service. I clearly made a mistake entrusting my photos to Photobucket. Lesson learned!

  6. You seem to have lost a whole fortnight's worth of posts - text and all.

  7. Merisi, schade, dass alle deine 2008 Posts weg sind, aber dein Blog ist so wunderschön, dass ich genug zu schauen habe während ich warte :-) Hoffentlich hast du nicht zu viel Ärger!

  8. MAALIE,
    what a series of unfortunate incidents, and all on a day when I do not have any time to spare! I felt as if somebody had hurt my baby. ;-)

    Now I am looking forward to post with Picasa again. I had signed up with them before the whole photobucketeer incident happened this morning, I am sure they will give me the go-ahead soon. I like their picture handling and size way better anyway. :-)))

    I saved the posts in the draft folder. I did not want to give Photobucket space to peddle their services on my blog while they hold my pictures ransom.

    All I need now is time to reload the pictures.

  10. Beautiful tulips...quite the contrast from my bleak midwinter! My husband and I love Vienna...we have very good friends that live in the city and so have been there many times. What I would I give for a kafe mit schlag this moment!

  11. Gorgeous cheery tulips! A blast of spring in the midst of the cold.

  12. Evil photo bucket!
    How irritating to have what you have works so hard for messed up!
    I loved your spring flowers anyway.
    I save stuff on - but now they want me to pay............
    The Billy Collins poem was wonderful.
    I will get out all my books by him when I'm in NY next month.
    All best wishes

  13. Merisi~
    When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade!.....and you did that! Shame on photobucket!! The beautiful & colorful tulips are new pictures for them! The sun is finally shining in Dallas and the tulips are a reminder that spring will eventually arrive. Hang in there!

  14. Leendaluu:
    Welcome to the virtual Kaffeehaus. Yesterday I would have had coffee ready for you, but somehow it got away with the bucket. I'll find some more soon! ;-)

    paris parfait:
    Tulips in the midst of January are such a beautiful harbinger of spring.

    Now that I am over the shock, I am looking forward to working with Picasa again. I had looked at flickr, but was afraid they were not much different from Photobucket.
    Maybe you should order the books you want ahead of time, usually the book stores have only the most recent one or two of Billy Collins in stock.

    Thank you, Allie, you are so right! I didn't think of that, but my reaction was exactly that. They may hold my pictures ransom, but the lost a customer.
    Looking forward to see you again!

  15. Beautiful tulips! It is very cold here today and this definitely brings "warmth".

  16. Loverly Tulip.
    Flickr is pretty reliable IMO
    Very few hic cups & they are sooooo BIG
    We should all be backing up daily to our Sea-Gate EXTERNAL hard drives of 250 GIGs...
    Yes we should!
    And I will as soon as I open the box on the floor...
    It's taking me a few weeks to do that understandably.
    When the kid from downstairs comes upstairs, all will be well..ahem


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