Saturday 8 December 2007

Stop and smile at a Stranger
Underground Art in Vienna

Vienna Metro
Directive 34:
Maria Lindberg
"Run Like Hell"
Directive 37:
Louise Bourgeois
"Stop and Smile at a Stranger"

I stared across the track at this poster,
last Saturday evening, while waiting for the U4 train
at the Karlsplatz underground station,
and chose to follow directive 37.
It seemed easy enough to do and
there was no reason for me to run.

I did some online research and found out that
this poster is part of a
Kunsthalle Wien permanent installation,
"projekt space karlsplatz":
"100 Handlungsanweisungen"
- 100 Directives -
posed by 100 artists posed to passersby,
none to take more than five minutes to execute.

For more information
click here ->
100 handlungsanweisungen
Kunstwandern am Karlsplatz

Image © by Merisi


  1. Vienna Metro is an appropriate place to run the poster.

    Use of city rapid transit systems is one of the best ways of saving a precious resource.

  2. What time's 'lights out'? I would like to join you in it.
    Love Lorenzo.

  3. SALLY:
    I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    I think it is at 8pm.
    I will continue to try to use this earth's recources in a judicious manner every day, but do not feel comfortable in joining an action that may create havoc with the power grid and in consequence cause more harm then good.

  4. I'll light a candle for you at 8pm.
    There is a lantern boat parade around our marina tonight.

  5. MERISI:
    Sorry! :-)))
    I'd love to see the parade.

  6. I see! When 'everyone' switches lights back on at once... a possible brown out!

    Well, I am very glad that you saved Europe!!! :-)))


  7. smilnsigh:
    Oh, now please let me emphazise that all I was doing was questioning the purpose of such an action. I hope you sensed the bit of mischievious glint in my eyes! :-)))

  8. It's wonderful to see the changes made for the celebration of the birth of my Lord.


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